• Dewott the epic
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  • Dewott the epic


    July 20, 2014 by Dewott the epic

    Okay so my story starts out when I read a bad fanfiction or some stuff like then then even though the fanfiction was REALLY BAD (Bad enough to make me barf) I read it. It was about Latios and Latias or some crap and all of a sudden crap went down and now Latios is my 4th favourite Pokemon. Now I just decided to try to get a Latios on my Pokemon Y game but I can't catch him so... I'm planning to get one from a trade but I need something worthy enough to trade so... SHINIES. Now I'm on a quest to use teh Pokeradar to get a shiny Zoroark or some crap and trade it for a Latios BUT I can't find a SHINY. So now I think I'll get Fennekin to give me tips on shinies. THE END

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  • Mjduniverse

    The user systems are apart from each other now.


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  • Mjduniverse

    This one to be more exact:

    If you don't want to use "source editor", you can use the rich text editor. I will soon add more features. Like a forum.

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  • Claus the Mighty


    July 13, 2014 by Claus the Mighty

    is the 1-year anniversary of this wiki's creation

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  • Dewott the epic

    I have made this Wiki go through some... Changes....

    First thing I destroyed our precious paper background and replaced it with the....


    Yeah it exists.

    Next up we have the new logo. I turned the game characters into letters for some reason but it kept SOONICK because he's too awsum.

    Now the favicon is SOONICK's face.

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  • Dewott the epic

    I got banned from Fantendo because OF THE SECOND ACCOUNT RULE

    Yes it is useful when cyber-bullies make new accounts but what about the people who used one by mistake?

    For me I can't make Wikis anymore so I used my other account but I forgot to log out. And what happened? I used the account by accident on Fantendo AND I GOT BLOCKED.

    I know it's only for a day but I don't even deserve that. Now what am I going to do?

    There's practically nothing to do here anymore due to inactivity and DeviantART has been boring lately and I'm simply to FURIOUS to chat with Axi.

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  • Claus the Mighty

    Remember how I said that game making doesn't work on my computer, but it does on Head's? Well, I have another computer (my family has 3 now no more sharing), and I can actually make games on it, but however graphics can't go past 20x20 and physics games cant be loaded, and I can't even create Arcade games. However, the Platformer creator still works, and I am in the process of making a game using it.

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  • Dewott the epic


    I'M SO FREAKING STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I told axi she could do whatever she wanted. And then she started spamming. I should've warned her about the whole spamming thing. UGH I WANT TO KILL MYSELF.



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  • Axiadin1


    June 22, 2014 by Axiadin1



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  • Mjduniverse

    I mixed the Sploder Games wiki with The Sploder Series and Characters and Series database into the Sploder Content Wiki. I might get a better name for the wiki.


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  • Dewott the epic

    Recently there has been an incident where two 12 year old girls in winsconstin or however you call it stabbed another girl a bunch of time and claimed the incident was "Inspired off of the Slender Man article on the Creepypasta Wiki". This has started speculation about the possible shut down of the Creepypasta Wiki or Wikia in general. If Wikia shuts down then ALL of that information goes to waste. It's unlikely YET possible! There's a difference between fiction and reality people!

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  • Mjduniverse


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  • Mjduniverse

    The series that spawned The Mjduniverse Series is now 9 years old!

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  • Dewott the epic


    First Axi ditches me because I wasn't being myself but when I tried to be myself I SCREWED UP

    And now Mangamixer is gone




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  • ShonenSeth

    As some of you know that I wasn't making some new games on Sploder at all times, due to fact that I'm being haunted by Neptus on the forums and some people considered me as the false idiot, who he is obsessed with my Tigzon character. The only games, that I really put on any efforts were Petit's Land and Sploder Smash Bros.

    The truth is that I'm 17 years old and I grew up in the Abu Dhabi state of the UAE. In here, most of the people don't care about Sploder that much and some of them thinks that is just a kiddie website for young kids. The only one who cares about it is me and I don't bother showing some game on Sploder to my friends or other people that I don't trust with. Like Head3000 said, Tigzon is less Sonic rip-off than I usually do…

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  • Mjduniverse
    • I will be making some games based on some of the non-release episodes of my series.
    • My game "Challenger Caves" is not going to be published for quite a long time. Why? I lost interest in it. (lol.)
    • A Robot Who Hijacked A Plane Part 2 will be comming out soon!
    • I'll be revealing some characters in my series that i made up years ago.

    • I am now an admin there!

    • Neuriotronnipedia (formerly The Mjduniverse Series Wiki) has been merged with Alphazoidversepedia.
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  • Dewott the epic

    This is a place for my Sploder updates!

    It's almost done people! I just have to finish WORLD 7 Part 2!

    After Desert Wolf 3 these will be the final Desert Wolf games until the reboot.

    I'm delaying it til after the reboot.

    I'm canning it because I just have no time to work on it.

    But I will put everybody who was in it in Dealwithitdewott the Movie!

    Still working as hard as I can on it.

    After looking at all these Umbrella Fighting Game pages on the Fantendo Wiki I have decided to make a Sploder series based off those Umbrella Fighting Games.

    It will not be done in the Physics Game Creator anymore!



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  • ShonenSeth

    (MAY 29, 2014) -- As some of you know that I wasn't very active on Sploder (and Stuffz wiki) because I was studying for the school's Final Exam. Before the last day of my school's Final Exam begins, Here's some of my Sploder Updates.

    Since everybody commented their grants on my new fighting game, Sploder Smash Bros. Here's are some 10 Lists that I chose, were balanced enough.

    • Wetfordo
    • Tvnetworkgirl
    • Goomylord
    • Dealwithitdewott
    • ryandxxx
    • freeallsonic
    • Juniortennis7 (still need to ask him)
    • kenchy
    • artown
    • geodesigner (still need to ask him)

    ​For those who wanted to join my rosters of Sploder Smash Bros, I apologize for not chosing you, due to technical issues on and be patience for the next Sploder Smash Bros. game, if so.

    Like any games from the S…

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  • Mjduniverse

    Here is the link, i got the URL changed:

    Also, i renamed the "Mjduniverse Series Wiki" to Neuriotronnipedia and changed it's color scheme.

    Nobody is active on this wiki anymore, except for me.

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  • Claus the Mighty

    I was bored so I looked at Head3000 is Amazing's profile to stalk her to see which wikis she has invaded, and look what I found:

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  • Claus the Mighty

    I made a MK7 community called Balloon Raiders. Basically it is a balloon battle where you use mushrooms to bump into your oppoments, making them lose a balloon and you gain it for an extra hit. You can only get mushrooms, Triple Mushrooms, and if you are very lucky, a Lucky 7 with only Mushrooms. To join, start up your MK7 game, go to Online Multiplayer, then Communities. Then scroll up and go to Search By Code. Then type in 66228420642320. I hope to see you there!

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  • Mjduniverse

    Gupy Roland:  "Mommy, can me watch Qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm the dog?"

    Molly Roland: "No!"

    Gupy Roland: "Why not?"

    Molly Roland: "Its bad for your brain."

    Gupy Roland: "WAAHHH!"

    Gupy Roland: *Starts banging on door.*

    (1 Hour Later)

    Molly Roland: "Stop that Gupy! Or else i will activate the PunkyPumpkins!"

    Gupy Roland: *Throws an anvil at Molly Roland.*

    Molly Roland: "Ow!"

    Molly Roland: *Blacks out.*

    Gupy Roland: "Me wanna to escape to the top of Urbecula tower!"

    Gupy Roland: *Drinks Ultraburst energy drink.*

    Gupy Roland: *Starts levatating.*

    Gupy Roland: *Flies towards the window and bursts through it.*


    (Gupys powers soon fade away.)

    Gupy Roland: "Uh-oh!"

    Gupy Roland: *Starts falling*



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  • Dewott the epic

    This is a very fun game taking the gameplay of Super Smash Bros.

    • Mario
    • Luigi
    • Yoshi
    • Wario
    • Waluigi
    • Peach
    • Blue Toad
    • Red Toad
    • Sonic
    • Tails
    • Knuckles
    • Amy
    • Shadow
    • Silver
    • Rouge
    • Blaze
    • Goomy
    • Squirtle
    • Charmander
    • Bulbasaur
    • Charizard
    • Snivy
    • Oshawott
    • Manapy
    • Mew
    • Mewtwo
    • Haunter
    • Pkmn Trainer
    • Staraptor
    • Blaziken
    • Shiftree
    • Dragonite
    • Salemance
    • Manetric
    • Braixen
    • Chespin
    • Froakie
    • Fennekin
    • Pikachu
    • Link
    • Zelda
    • Kirby
    • Meta Knight
    • Samus
    • Donkey Kong
    • Fox Mcloud

    • Desert Wolf
    • Cy-Fox
    • Jannet and Snazzy
    • Iguaba
    • Mechyote
    • Petit
    • Shin
    • LeRoy
    • Izzy
    • Tigzon
    • Drax
    • Leaf and Puffies
    • Texx
    • Rosa
    • Nuclear
    • Dux
    • Kit-Kat the Warrior
    • Bulldogo
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Green
    • Storm
    • Matthew
    • Alex
    • Zack
    • Chucky
    • Polvo
    • Jam
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  • Dewott the epic

    Stuff I'll be needing

    November 28, 2013 by Dewott the epic

    This is a spinoff series about the Doctor but there's a twist because this Doctor was cloned (no Meta Crisis) and is known as the 11.5 Doctor because when he was made he took the form of the 11th Doctor then got shot by the Master in his new regenerated form but then Caros (one of the survivors of the time war) sacrificed her self to bring back the cloned Doctor only to regenerate into a different Doctor. To find out more about this look below in the episode list.

    Ep 1: The Rise of Another Doctor Far away from the Time War a citizen has been hiding named Caros and she has been stranded on the planet Jarous waiting for help but one day Daleks invaded the planet so she made an S.O.S. sign which the Doctor sees and he goes to rescue her and h…

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  • Dewott the epic

    Announcing Sploder Super Heroes. You can choose what side you want to be on (good or bad) and choose was weapons/powers you want. I might do super hero backstories too.

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  • Weegeelover

    Sploder Updates

    November 9, 2013 by Weegeelover

    I am pretty sure you may have thought that I lost all interest in Skyward and Cube Fighters, or Sploder in general. But, I am returning. A new platformer game is in development, but I am not revealing what it is to anyone. SSBX is also back. The full roster will be revealed soon. As well, Cube Fighters is getting a sequel. Instead of just random cubes trying to kill each other, there is actually a main character who needs to defeat a bunch of other cubes in order to save the world from Bob,who is now the main antagonist instead of a joke final boss. Lastly, Skyward is getting a sequel called Skyward Revelations. As the title suggests, it reveals a lot of new things about the series.

    I canceled the special platformer project and replaced it …

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  • DotAgumon

    1'M D0T4GUM0N

    July 15, 2013 by DotAgumon


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