[Ian Hecox] Yo, Smosh 2010 have your cats spade or neutered. Let’s hit it! Right now!

Cute Furry Kittens snacking on my grass I don’t know why they were there so I took them into my house That was a big mistake and I’ll tell you why

[Kittens:] Tell you why?

[Ian Hecox] Never let a cat eat so much grass Cause they barf all over your place

Cute little kittens Eat eat eat all your grass Cute little kittens Walk walk walking to your house Cute little kittens Barf barf barf on your floor Cute little kittens Make make make You clean it up

Those little kittens Around to get you You better watch out They’ll kill you and your sleep


I then took those kittens Took them out of my house I put my foot up their butt and then I kicked them into the sky Those little kittens flew right up into space That was the last I saw them Cause they burned right into the sun

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