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Derpy Sonic is a new Gmod monster/freak in Garry's mod


Strengths: -Can control people to make them act exactly like him when he touches them or when they touch him -He can extend his fingers to touch anyone from a far distance -Three touches from him can make anyone explode -Can run extremely fast (just like the regular Sonic) -He can't die from anything except his weaknesses -He also can use all seven chaos emeralds to become Super Derpy Sonic -Anytime someone cuts somethings off of him, he can just grow a new part (like an arm, leg, finger, and head.) Weaknesses: -He can't harm Derpy Hooves or Fennekin Or Galaxy Man or Sonic the hedgehog or SOONICK DA HEGHOOG and his friends -Chili Dogs -The Equestrian Mistakes (he basically leaves those characters alone)

Facts: -He can only say stuff backwards (like Vagineeer and Eppaljeck) -He moves sorta like Painis Cupcake -The only sentence he can say not backwards is "You're too Slow" -He also has a friend named Vagitails