• According to early concept art, James originally was supposed to have his bazooka in the first game, but was removed for unknown reasons.
  • There were graphics made for unused Desert Wolf redesigns to fit with the new graphics and Snowy's new graphic, but they weren't used due to the fact that Dwid would have to redo the Desert Wolf Color Team recolors.
  • A cancled Desert Wolf game was announced on Dwid's Sploder Wiki page called Desert Wolf Tower Defense and it was going to be on the Platformer Game Creator utilizing the new graphics option. His page was later deleted.
  • Owen Harvey the Otter, who appeared in WORLD 5 of Desert Wolf 3 and is going to appear in Desert Wolf the Movie is actually inspired by a Torchwood character named Owen Harper.
  • Head3000's thoughts of the Desert Wolf series were about James being a mindless psychopath who kills innocent iguanas. Even though this is non-cannon this was referenced in Desert Wolf 3 at World 5 where in the final level's description it said "YOU KILLED THEM ALL!!! Good thing they were evil.".
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