1. She feeds Poostudios poop for breakfast
  2. She loves pie
  3. She loves floppy disks
  4. She secretly hates Sceptile
  5. She cliams to hate 5 year olds named Chucky but she likes Abcilikepie. (NOT THAT WAY YOU N00BS, THE REGULAR LIKE NOT THE LOVE LIKE)
  6. She doesn't wear a wig.
  7. She hates Mjduniverse.
  8. She daydreams about killing Sceptile.
  9. She wishes that May and Bubsy were real.
  10. She punches Sceptile's avatar every day.

May the Poostudios Killer

  1. She was redesigned as a secret character in pokemon HG and SS and she has a level 100 Blaziken, Swampert, Sceptile, Groudon, Kyogre, and Rayquaza. It is impossible to beat her.
  2. All of her Pokemon are real because she deserves them.
  3. One day SOONICK DA HEGHOOG pooped on her breakfast

Bubsy the Bobcat

  1. One day he tried to kill FAHNG DA SNIPUR and he said "I GONNA KILL YOU NUKE!!!" and FAHNG said "NONONO WAIT!!!" and a nuke appeared and blew up. It killed FAHNG but not Bubsy
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