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Godzilla 1954

Over a period of a few months, the Japanese mainland received distress calls from sinking ships at sea that became engulfed in flame. The mystery was growing still, until they dispatched a group of scientist to an island, close to where all the attacks were happening. During one night of their stay, a storm hit. The sound of unearthly thunder crashed, as a house was completely destroyed, along with expedition's helicopter.

The next morning, the team found, to their surprise, a huge footprint, reeking of radioactivity and housing a prehistoric insect known as a trilobite. Their questions were just leaving their lips of what could have caused this, when the answer revealed itself. Lifting its massive scaly face over the cliffs, Godzilla screamed its malevolent cry to the world, but just as soon as it appeared, it dove back into the sea.

Returning to Japan, the team tried to convince the skeptical public, but it wasn't until Godzilla made his first landfall that the disbelief of centuries was brought to truth. Ripping train cars apart, flipping a bridge, and trampling innocent lives, the beast brought death in its path.

Days past as the Japanese prepared a defense matrix of power lines around the heart of the city in anticipation of the creature's return. The wait was not a long one, as the nuclear giant made his way back to Tokyo by nightfall. Tearing through the towers and tanks, the monster waded through the city with terrible force. Nothing survived its wrath, and everything was reduced to rubble. Not even the unleashed missiles from the JSDF could kill the beast. Diving beneath the waves once again, the monster took the hope and dreams of millions with it.

The aftermath left death everywhere. Those who were fortunate enough to live through Godzilla's ramp

age, died soon after from radiation poisoning. Only one option was left. Ignoring the plaguing thoughts of his weapons, Dr. Serizawa detonated his Oxygen Destroyer in the ocean. Godzilla was caught and reduced to nothing in a matter of minutes from the weapon. Unfortunately, the doctor took his own life as well. However, soon Godzilla would rise again; another species of the monster would plague Japan.


With the destruction of the menace Godzilla, Japan, if not the world, breathed a sigh of relief. Rebuilding the mangled remains of what was left in the leviathan's wake was soon set in motion. Businesses thrived once more, and life returned to normal. Thats is until a pilot embarked on a rescue mission to locate a missing pilot near a remote island. Upon discovering the stranded pilot, the Earth shook with a thundering roar. Looking b

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Godzilla 50s-70s

ack behind them, the pilots witnessed a spiny shelled, quadruped reptile in mortal combat with another demon, a creature that closely resembled the horrific devil that struck Japan like a typhoon just a year before: Godzilla. Another of the loathed species had survived its ancient sleep, and was now poised to threaten humankind once more. The men watched in terror as the titanic battle cast the duo into the sea. They could still see the war rage beneath the waves. Days passed before the two titans reached the mainland and resumed their battle. Osaka was transformed into a war zone, but in the end the mighty Godzilla prevailed. Tearing Anguirus' throat and bathing the carcass in a torrent of flames, the dorsal finned fiend returned to the sea. Reports were received that the new Godzilla had taken resort on a floating glacier. Taking advantage of the beast's location, the military shelled the icy walls with bombs and rockets, thereby causing an avalanche, burying the creature.

A few years passed before Japan would see the beast again. The hunk of ice which held the monster prisoner broke off and floated away from the Arctic Ocean. Drifting into the warmer waters near Japan, the tomb became weak and brittle. In such a weakened state, the glacier did not hold when the monster finally awoke. Breaking through the ice, the behemoth swam to Japan, destroying a military base on its way. Meanwhile, a pharmaceutical company had come across the legendary giant King Kong. With the creature drugged, the firm decided to transport the animal to Japan, but the act was met with disaster as the ape god was released. Traveling to Japan, it was fate that brought the two titans -King Kong and Godzilla- together. On the first bout, Godzilla had surprised Kong with his atomic ray, and sent the ape in retreat to contemplate a plan of action. Round two was fought and, with the help of a lightning storm, the ape was able to stand against Godzilla. However, a victor of the battle was not decided before the two fell off a cliff. Sinking beneath the waves, of the two Kong was the only one to surface.

After the colossal battle, a typhoon struck Japan, submerging parts of the land in ocean. Seeking to reclaim their property from the waves, pumps and water jets were put in place to expel the water back into the ocean. However, the waves brought something else ashore. Rising from the silty sediment, Godzilla showed his godly form again. Walking away from the once submerged earth, the nuclear giant instinctively made his way to the heart of the city. Factories, towers, buildings--nothing stood long before his wrath. The public cried out for heroes, and the military tried to fill the void. Several different tactical assaults were thrown against the behemoth, but none succeeded. As the military sacrificed needless lives to the god's power, a group of reporters headed to Infant Island, to beg for Mothra's help. Their pleas were almost passed up, but the benevolent insect agreed, despite the fact that the battle would be more than enough to kill her. Soaring to Japan, she met the monster Godzilla, and battled to her death. Though she could not overpower the creature, Mothra, in her dying act, flew to her egg -which had washed upon the Japanese mainland- and collapsed on top of it in a last attempt to protect her unborn offspring. With Mothra's defeat, Godzilla pressed on, leaving behind the giant egg as the military established further blockades for the nuclear menace. Meanwhile, with their god gone, the Infant Islanders joined in prayer as the mammoth egg split, birthing not one, but two Mothra Larvae. The babies then instinctively headed to battle Godzilla. Finding the destroyer on a remote island, the twins cocooned the monster in a web sack. Onlookers cried in joy as they gazed upon Godzilla when he fell from the cliff and into the ocean below.

Fighting from his binds, Godzilla soon returned to Japan. Rising from the waves, he obliterated an ocean liner, and soon made his presence felt again. Yet it was not just Godzilla that Japan was fearful of. Rising from the ashes of his confines, Rodan soared the blue skies again. Fate approached, as the winged samurai of the winds and the wading disaster of the ages met. Several short-but-fierce battles ensued between the creatures, with no decisive winner arising from the confrontations. Meanwhile, as the two battled, an asteroid that had crashed on Earth hatched to unleash King Ghidorah. The celestial space dragon took to the air, showering humanity in dazzling ribbons of golden lightning. An emergency meeting was called in the parliament to meet with the threats against their lands. Once again, the plan was to ask for Mothra's aid. Begging the twin fairies who were visiting Japan, the people asked for the moth monster to defeat King Ghidorah. Knowing full and well that after Japan, Infant Island would be next, the Shobijin priestesses called for their god. The voices were heard over the crashing ocean, and Mothra ventured to Japan. Arriving on the land, she set out to convince Godzilla and Rodan to stop their fighting and help her defeat the murderous King Ghidorah. Her pleas were ignored, and the gentle caterpillar was forced to face the demon alone. Seeing Mothra's courage, Godzilla and Rodan put aside their difference and helped against the war with King Ghidorah. The three kaiju headed into battle, and, in the end, overcame the creature's power, sending the space monster back from whence it came.

After the monumental battle, strange radio waves were heard from outer space. A space shuttle called the P1 was sent out with two astronauts, Glen and Fuji, to find out the source of the disturbance. In their search they stumble upon the mysterious world dubbed Planet X. The ship landed on the rocky sphere, but the astronauts were soon abducted and taken beneath the planet's surface. There, they encountered a race of machine-like beings, calling themselves the Xilien, asking for their help. Since King Ghidorah had been vanquished from Earth, the monster descended on Planet X. The alien race pleaded for humanity to give them Godzilla and Rodan to once again meet the demon's threat. Glen and Fuji were hesitant to grant such a request, but the Xilien made a tempting deal. In exchange for the creatures, the aliens would give the earthlings a new miracle drug, one that would cure all disease. The trade was made post-haste, and together Godzilla and Rodan eliminated the threat of King Ghidorah from the planet. Fulfilling their end of the bargain, the Xilien gave the astronauts a tape which gave instructions on how to produce the "miracle drug." However, upon arriving back on Earth, they discovered that the tape was nothing more than a series of demands to surrender. The tape told the Earth to lay down its defenses, or the monsters Godzilla, Rodan, and King Ghidorah would be unleashed against them, now under the complete thrall of the Xilien invaders. Never backing down, humanity fought back and managed to sever the Xilien's control of the monsters. Free from the alien race's control, the beasts waged their ongoing war. The three monsters, all grappling, fell into the gaping sea below. King Ghidorah, defeated, rose from the waves and escaped into space.

Time passed before the famous irradiated reptilian beast was seen again. After crash landing on remote Letchi island, a group of survivors discovered Godzilla, dormant in a cave. Somehow, after the great Xilien war, the leviathan had swum to this remote area and now lay hibernating inside a vast cavern. The sailors, though, were not afraid of the sleeping giant, but rather were more concerned about the Red Bamboo army that had set up residency on the island. The army possessed mutations that guarded the island - the Giant Condor and Ebirah - that made escape from the place impossible. Seeing their only chance for survival, they awoke Godzilla using a metal lightning rod. Several bolts struck the still, sleeping mass, until finally he awoke. Godzilla burst from the mountain's side and waded out to sea as Ebirah emerged to meet the titan's challenge. Showering the crimson red lobster with his atomic ray, Godzilla dispatched the animal back into the depths. Roaring victoriously, Godzilla returned to the land and dealt with the Giant Condor along with most of the Red Bamboo's arsenal. Unfortunately, during his rampage, the saurian set off a self-destruction button located in the base. Time ticked down as Godzilla re-engaged his war with the mutant Ebirah. Fate, however, was on Godzilla's side as he was able to defeat the horror of the undersea world, and escape from the island unharmed.

Swimming from the destroyed Letchi Island, the fanged monster answered a calling, a wailing cry that was being echoed from hundreds of miles away. On another island, where a research team was experimenting with a new weather control system, the beckoning call resounded. After a failed test, the island was hit with a radioactive storm. The burning rains and hot blowing winds transformed a group of mantises into giants. Cowering in their nearly destroyed base, the men watched in stunned disbelief as the herd of Kamacuras' tore away at a huge mound of dirt. What was soon discovered to be inside was a gigantic egg. The Kamacuras attacked the newly unearthed object, and a baby Godzilla was hatched. The insects prepared themselves to gorge on the small creature, until Godzilla arrived on the scene, killing two of the ravenous insects. The third took flight and left the father-and-son monsters to themselves. However, their time of peace spent on the island was not long as a mammoth spider, Kumonga, awoke. Webbing up and nearly killing Godzilla's son, Minilla, the spider almost won, until Godzilla again entered the fray, and together, with his son, destroyed the menace.

After hearing of the fantastic tales from the scientists' recounts, Godzilla was no longer looked upon as a threat to some. A hero was what the children of Japan dreamt of, some even making their own dreams of Monster Island. Humanity's new view of the monster was deserved, as the creature would come to the country's aid on numerous occasions to save them from a variety of threats such as Hedorah and the combined might of Gigan and King Ghidorah in 1972, and then Megalon and Gigan the following year.

In 1973, the King of the Monsters was the co-defender of Earth with Zone Fighter (a giant super hero whose secret identity is a normal Japanese man named Hikaru), showing up several times to help the giant protect humanity in the face of overwhelming odds. The first time the pair battled together was during Wargilgar and Spylar's attack on Tokyo. The Garoga's plan was nearly foolproof: an agent of the alien race disguised as Tatsuo, an old friend of the Zone Family that was thought to have been killed, was taken in with open arms by the Zone Family. But the heroes would only be met with treachery. Knocking out Kei, the agent summoned the monster Wargilgar to Tokyo. Hikaru was astonished at the sight of the monster on the television, and immediately transformed into Zone Fighter and flew through the screen to fight the bizarre monster. In retaliation, Tatsuo evolved himself into Spyler. Together the twin monstrosities overtook Zone Fighter, and were on the verge of victory. That is until the Zone Family called for Godzilla's help. The leviathan emerged and immediately incinerated Wargilgar, burning the monster to crisps of ash, while Zone Fighter deployed his Missile Might attack against Spyler, destroying the beast.

The next time our reptilian hero was seen was when an old rival reemerged. Killing a well-known racecar driver, the Garoga knew that it would have to be Hikaru who would replace him. A few days passed before the human form of Zone Fighter agreed to replace the deceased driver. However, agents of the Garoga race placed traps inside the car, keeping the young man ensnared inside. Laughing with malice, they dragged the vehicle to a car crusher, intending to end the thwarts of Zone Fighter forever. However, the Zone Family intervened, and summoned Godzilla to cut the power from the crusher. Godzilla was reunited with an old foe, though, as the Garoga sent Gigan parachuting down from the skies. Yet even the cyborg's added weaponry was not enough, and Godzilla beat Gigan into submission, while narrowly severing the power to the car crusher in time to save Zone Fighter. Time elapsed before Zone Fighter grew to a gigantic size and ended the threat of Gigan forever.

For the next adventure, the duo would face their single most powerful foe. For the following few months after the Gigan raid, several earthquakes wracked Japan, all the cause of a steel cone-headed terro-beast called Zandolla. Once again, our hero transformed and battled against the heavy-hitting monster, but Zandolla proved to be too strong, and the battle shifted to underground. The altered arena stole any advantage that Zone Fighter once possessed. Meanwhile, the earthquakes disturbed Godzilla, and the titan ventured to help in the fray. Ignoring the severely weakened Zone Fighter, Zandolla rocketed through the ground and fought Godzilla. Their fierce combat caused violent crashes that cracked the ground, thereby releasing the imprisoned Zone Fighter. Attacking the monster together, the two managed to overcome the terrible foe.

Their friendship strengthened by the battles they faced together, the duo then combat in regular sparring matches with one another to hone each other’s fighting capabilities. However, as they continued their training, a new foe showed itself. The Garoga dropped a capsule to the Earth which contained Jellar. Zone Fighter was the first to attack the creature, but, due to the impotence of his Proton Beam against it, he was overpowered. The Zone Family called upon Godzilla who emerged from his cave and rushed to aid his battered companion. Godzilla became entangled with the creature and managed to tear free an arm from Jellar, but the appendage took on a life of its own, and transformed into Kastam-Jellar. However, the two Jellars were still no match for the heroes, as the combined might of Godzilla and Zone Fighter prevailed. For Godzilla’s final appearance alongside Zone Fighter, the Garoga went all-out. Concealing their monsters in a series of capsules, the alien race scattered the beasts throughout the city. The Zone Family tried to interfere, but Spider Uros and Garoborg broke free, destroying buildings. A piece of fallen rock trapped our hero Hikaru, keeping him from transforming. However, hope was not lost, and, unexpectedly, Godzilla showed up. Facing not one, but two terro-beasts, the king was sent to one knee. Minutes pass before the Zone Family was able to free their older brother, and the giant went into battle. Aiding Godzilla, the two were able to save the day, for one final time.

With the threat of the Garogas presumably neutralized, Zone Fighter did not emerge again, although Godzilla's job was far from over. In 1974 and 1975, Godzilla was called forth to thwart the Aliens from the Black Hole and their flag ship war machine: Mechagodzilla. Defeating his mechanical clone with the help of the deity King Caesar, the two titans were to clash once more as when the robot was remade. Godzilla fought against his improved double, Mechagodzilla II, who was joined this time by the aquatic dinosaur Titanosaurus. With the help of humanity, though, Godzilla prevailed once more.

In 1999, Godzilla, and a host of Earth's monsters, found themselves confined to a remote island in the Ogasawara chain dubbed Monsterland. The remote location acted as a research station studying the habits of the beasts, while simultaneously keeping them confined for the sake of humanity’s safety. The sanctity of the island was breached, though, as an alien race calling themselves the Kilaakians quickly descended, utilizing mind control devices on the island's personnel and kaiju. With the monsters under their control, the race quickly dispatched them across the globe in an attempt to beat humanity into submission. However, the strike was unsuccessful as the mind control devices were discovered, both on the Earth and in an underground lair on the moon, and humanity was able to bend the will of the monsters themselves after studying the advanced technology. Unfazed, the Kilaakians sent out their final monster, King Ghidorah, in a final attempt to conquer Earth; however, the space monster was horribly overmatched, and was killed as the remnants of the alien race were sent into permanent hibernation. With the Kilaaks vanquished, Godzilla and the rest of Earth's monsters were returned to their home on Monsterland to live out the rest of their days in peace.


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Godzilla 80s

In the 1970's, a nuclear submarine crashed in the Bering Sea. A Godzillasaurus, barely hanging on to life in the cold ocean depths, was heavily mutated to a staggering height of 80 meters. This dinosaur had been relocated to this remote area by time travelers from the 23rd century, but little did they realize that their actions would actually fulfill the course of history and create the Godzilla they had sought to destroy...

As time progressed, Godzilla moved southward through the Pacific Ocean and arrived in a remote area 100 miles south of Tokyo. In the tempest storm of one dreadful night, the foaming waves rocked a nearby fishing vessel as Godzilla emerged from the sea and demolished the rocky shore of a nearby island. The sea lice it carried, having mutated to immense proportions, invaded the nearby sailing vessel. All aboard who had witnessed the return of Godzilla were stripped of the internal fluids by the prodigious parasites, except for one lone survivor...

This last crew member of the Yahata-Maru was rescued and returned to the mainland, where his story was revealed to the Japanese government. The Prime Minister learned of Godzilla's reemergence, and in order to fend off a panic situation, the story was kept under wraps. Meanwhile, Godzilla swam through the ocean depths, emitting active sonar to navigate his way through the dark, briny sea. A Soviet submarine came within a kilometer of the monster, and the radiation that the submersible emitted caught Godzilla's attention. Closer and closer the monster approached, until finally it sank its claws into the vessel and absorbed its nuclear core. The Soviet Union, believing that the United States was to blame for the destruction of their nuclear sub, began to prepare for an all-out war. In order to avoid World War III, the Prime Minister was finally forced to reveal that the culprit was in fact Godzilla, a

nd in response, the JSDF was readied for battle.

At dawn, Godzilla finally struck land. It demolished a nuclear reactor and absorbed the energy from the core, but he suddenly departed, following a flock of calling birds. This vulnerability was noted, and a plan of action was beginning to formulate. If Godzilla could be led via avian frequencies to Mt. Mihara, a controlled eruption could be triggered, trapping the beast in the depths of the Earth's crust.

Meanwhile, surveillance of the Tokyo Bay area continued quietly, when suddenly the jagged spines that grew from Godzilla's charcoal-gray flesh broke the surf. Evacuation began in Tokyo, as the military approached the docks with a multitude of military technology. Godzilla emerged once more and was faced with a squadron of several jet fighters. They fired their arsenal on the monolith, to no avail. Godzilla returned fire and brought some of his attackers crashing into the ocean as he approached the second line of defense. The military vehicles on the dock fired, but little progress was made. Godzilla appeared unstoppable, and he solidified this perspective when he unleashed his thermonuclear ray, completely destroying the counteroffensive. The monster continued to approach the docks and climbed ashore. He crushed the crowds of people attempting to flee, and continued to march down the main boulevards. During his continuing journey through Tokyo, Godzilla's atomic ray collided with a news helicopter and it fell to the city streets, causing an enormous traffic buildup to erupt into flames, killing those unfortunate people within their respective vehicles. The devastation was only just beginning...

Suddenly, a train collided with the contemptible creature. Godzilla lifted the cars to the horror of those aboard and tossed them aside. The skyscrapers became larger and larger as he continued his trek through the urban jungle, and he finally arrived very close to the laboratory of Dr. Hayashida. The avian frequency device was activated, and the unpleasant hum lured Godzilla toward the building. However, a hyper laser cannon fired from the city streets below, and the furious monster turned to view the cause of this sudden disturbance. Two of these futuristic vehicles led Godzilla trudging into the park as the aerial battle-mech, the Super-X, arrived on the scene. Se

nsing this new foe, Godzilla unleashed his thermonuclear beam, but thermal shielding prevented any damage to the newly arrived craft. Flares were fired into the sky, and Godzilla reared and roared. A cadmium missile was launched into his gaping maw, and Godzilla roared again. Another cadmium missile was launched, and another flare was sent into the sky. Godzilla roared once more, and a third, and final, cadmium missile entered into his body. As the beating of his heart slowed, the fury of his nuclear core was subsiding. Losing his balance, the massive monstrosity collapsed into a building. Godzilla was presumed dead.

Meanwhile, the Soviet Union accidentally launched a nuclear missile from an orbiting satellite. The United States intercepted the warhead in the Stratosphere, and the sky erupted into a crimson aurora above Tokyo. The clouds began to turn a dark and foreboding gray, and nuclear static discharges began to reenergize and reawaken the sleeping giant. Godzilla rose to his feet once more and roared in triumph. The Super-X, disabled from the atmospheric electromagnetic disturbances, attempted to regain lift. The well-armed hovercraft retreated behind a skyscraper, but its savage opponent's nuclear ray sliced a hole straight through the center of the towering building. The Super-X began to fire its full arsenal at Godzilla as it led the monster through the maze of skyscrapers. Beams and missiles were fired, and in the ensuing chaos, the nearby city became a raging conflagration. As Godzilla fired its thermonuclear ray one final time, this would prove to be the last war that the Super-X would ever wage. It lost its lift and it descended to the ground. Godzilla, finally in a position to exact his revenge, tipped a massive skyscraper onto the craft, killing all those aboard. This catastrophe seemed to mark the end of Godzilla's hindrances, for he was now free to destroy the city at will.

Unfortunately for the monster, a familiar call beckoned from a distant island. Obeying his instincts, the hypnotized animal plunged into the sea and emerged on the shores of Oshima Island. Ascending the slope 

of the volcanic mountain, he came to the mouth of the terrible abyss. Hesitantly, he continued to follow the call from the opposite side of the chasm and fell onto a lower platform. The explosives were detonated, and the ground beneath Godzilla began to collapse, as the King of the Monsters plummeted into the molten rock below. Eventually, the lava solidified and the mouth of the volcano was sealed. Godzilla began to enter a long slumber while trapped in his igneous prison.

Quietly, Godzilla slept undisturbed for five long years, as Japan scrambled to create measures by which to prevent any future disasters that this monster could eventually bring to the nation. Meanwhile, the American Genetic Corporation (BioMajor) and Saradian oil interests battled over possession of Godzilla cells, procured from the devastation in 1984. The former party wished to monopolize the genetic market across the world, while the latter wished to invest in future genetic technologies for the preservation of the Saradian economy, which was so dependent on petroleum. Naturally, with only so few of these samples in existence, both parties clashed on and off over the 5 year period. This war could not have continued at a worse time, for Godzilla began to awaken from his slumber in 1989. The first alarm protocol was activated, and the government rushed to solidify a plan of action as the second alarm protocol also went into effect. Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria, a technology based on G-Cells that would allow bacteria to digest radioactive material, was a technology that was pursued with the joint assistance of the Okochi Foundation. Unfortunately, BioMajor procured the plans from the home of a member of the ANEB team, Dr. Genichiro Shiragami. Using the plans as a means of ransom, BioMajor declared that it would detonate explosives atop Mt. Mihara if their demand for the ANEB was not pacified. The government relented, but a Saradian agent interrupted the trade and stole the bacteria. In the ensui

ng chaos, the bombs were detonated; Mt. Mihara began to erupt...

The third alarm protocol was put into effect as Godzilla emerged from his fiery tomb. His mouth, lined with two rows of piercing teeth; his eyes, cold and dark, struck fear into those who witnessed his terror. He entered the sea where he was met with heavy resistance. Though the JSDF fought valiantly, the battleships and helicopters were easily forced aside as Godzilla barreled toward his next destination.  Suddenly, what seemed to be an old foe appeared in the sky. The Super-X2, an enhanced version of the airborne mech that dealt with Godzilla several years earlier, arrived on the scene. Its artificial diamond mirror reflected Godzilla's ray back at its source, and gave the gargantuan dinosaur a run for his money. Though effective, the mirror began to melt and its power was severely decreased. Missiles were used instead, to no avail. The Super-X2 failed to make any headway in this initial assault...

From the north, a familiar call beckoned. Godzilla followed this mysterious voice, and it led him into the lake near Dr. Shiragami's laboratory. What it found was a monster! Dr. Shiragami had, in private, used his connections to the ANEB project to procure Godzilla cells, which he amalgamated with the cells of his late daughter and a rose. It was his dream to create an immortal plant species, but what he created was a terrible rose-like chimera instead: Biollante. The botanical beast launched her feral vines at Godzilla, constricting, biting, and spraying acid sap at her "brother". In response, Godzilla released his atomic ray, and several strikes of the monster's terrible breath set her ablaze. Biollante's cells shined with an eerie, amber glow. Ascending high into the atmosphe

re, the glimmering dust took the form of a helix and briefly showed Biollante's final form before it reassembled in orbit. Godzilla retreated into Sagami Bay, and the JSDF eventually lost track of their quarry.

Preparing for an attack in Ise Bay, the JSDF was stunned when Godzilla reappeared in Osaka Bay. At the Kansai International Airport Construction Base, the skilled psychic Miki Saegusa attempted to utilize her ESP to stop the advance of Godzilla. She released too much energy, and fainted from exhaustion. This peculiar event slowed Godzilla's progress temporarily, but it continued to head straight for Osaka. The fourth, and final alarm protocol, was activated...

As the ANEB was recovered from Saradian oil interests in their Osaka front, Godzilla entered the city and began to approach the heart of the metropolis in the veil of night, ever searching for vital nuclear energy. The Super-X2 returned and fired its missiles on Godzilla, leading him into the center of the business district. The hovercraft's damaged fire mirror was incapable of properly repelling Godzilla's thermonuclear ray, however, and the magnificent mech became a burning pile of rubble on the city streets. Centrally located between four tall skyscrapers, Godzilla was fired upon and injected with ANEB. Virtually unaffected, the invulnerable juggernaut advanced north into the mountains.

Realizing the need to increase Godzilla's body temperature for proper bacterial growth conditions, the JSDF employed the use of the MBT-92 beam cannons and the M6000 T.C. System lightning generators, and an immense final offensive was set up in the countryside near the Takahama Atomic Plant. The exotic weaponry succeeded in raising Godzilla's temperature, heating his body in the humid, rainy conditions. The weakened monster's head hung low, his energy levels were beginning to dwindle. Even still, his immense power was formidable. He annihilated two nearby helicopters as he continued to approach the nuclear plant.

Meanwhile, the sky began to glow with pulsating flashes of light. Golden dust began to descend from the clouds and enter the ground. Rematerializing in the subterranean soil, a far taller and more vicious Biollante emerged to challenge her reptilian counterpart. The final battle was about to begin: Godzilla versus Biollante! Her vines launched, but were quickly severed by Godzilla's nuclear breath. Biollante began to stampede toward her feral foe, violently quaking the Earth as she approached. One of her amorphous tendrils sliced through Godzilla's hand as another ruptured his shoulder. A toothed tentacle began to constrict the monolith of flesh, but he unleashed his nuclear pulse in retaliation. The gaping snout of the towering, mutant plant began to release a potent acid sap, and proceeded to clamp onto Godzilla's skull. His thermonuclear ray repelled the monster, but Godzilla's exhaustion from a lack of nuclear energy took its toll on the beast. He fell onto the shore, its head sinking into the sea. Biollante, meanwhile, began to combust and ascend into the atmosphere. As she returned to the sky, Godzilla's body temperature lowered in the cool water. He rose and roared, but returned to the ocean. Traveling north, the nuclear leviathan rested in frigid depths of the Bering Sea...

The Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria, lying dormant in Godzilla's body, continued to act as a hindrance to the monster for three long years. In 1992, Futurians from the 23rd century traveled back in time to the 1940s in order to attempt to wipe Godzilla from the Earth's history. Instead, they only managed to create the Godzilla that presently existed. Amidst the confusion of this misunderstanding, the Japanese government, terrified by the duplicitous Futurians who prepared to destroy Japan with their ultimate weapon: King Ghidorah, concocted a desperate plan of action. They would use a secret submarine to launch nuclear missiles in the Bering Sea, in order to reawaken and transform what they believed to be a relatively weak Godzillasaurus lying at the bottom of the ocean. Little did they realize that this dinosaur had already mutated into the modern Godzilla that had attacked Japan

in the 1980's. The nuclear submarine approached what was believed to be a Godzillasaurus, and instead came face-to-face with Godzilla! The savage saurian animal ripped into the hull of the submersible and absorbed its energy. Its cells began to reproduce and its strength increased greatly.

A new Godzilla was born...


Though the Futurians from the 23rd century had sought to destroy Godzilla through the means of 

Godzilla91 tn.jpg
Godzilla 90s

time travel, they had failed in this attempt. The Godzillasaurus, which the time travelers had relocated to the Bering Sea, mutated to a towering 80 meters when exposed to a nuclear accident in the 1970's. In 1992, the monster was exposed to yet another nuclear accident, and the already incredible anomaly grew to an even more unthinkable 100 meters in height! As the revamped reptile began to march southward toward the mainland, the Japanese government breathed a sigh of relief. The duplicitous Futurians had released a three-headed golden dragon named King Ghidorah to destroy Japan, and Godzilla was now the nation's only hope. King Ghidorah was ordered to annihilate Godzilla, and the two savage monsters met in a clearing. Though Godzilla did not fair well against his opponent at first, luck would soon be on his side. Two rogue Futurians severed King Ghidorah's remote control, and the tables were turned within a matter of seconds. Godzilla's nuclear pulse repelled King Ghidorah, and his breath proceeded to rend the dragon's middle head from its torso. Though the horrible hydra attempted to flee, a hole was ripped through one of its leathery wings by its foe's thermonuclear ray, causing King Ghidorah to fall into the cold depths of the ocean below.

Unopposed, Godzilla marched through the urban sprawls of Japan; laying waste to everything he touched. As a mere dinosaur, the beast was almost gentle; now as a mutated monster, it was malicious and savage. Emmy Kano and M-11, the two Futurians who rebelled against their belligerent crew, were convinced that King Ghidorah was the only creature that could stop Godzilla's reign of terror. Emmy and M-11 returned to the future, and managed to convince the scientists of their time to resurrect the brass behemoth.

A cybernetic dragon suddenly appeared in the skies above Tokyo, the very city Godzilla was ruthlessly destroying. It was Mecha-King Ghidorah, and Emmy was piloting this revamped monster. The robotic reptile fired its gravity beams, but they were barely of any effect. Ultimately, Emmy was forced to fire capture cables and a machine hand restraint. Godzilla was airlifted, and King Ghidorah dragged the monstrous menace over the sea. A thermonuclear beam was fired, and both monsters began to plummet toward the waves below. Emmy escaped, but Godzilla was left unconscious on the ocean floor. Within time, however, his strength returned. Godzilla ripped himself free of the capture cables and machine hand restraint. The exhausted monster began to trudge toward the Ogasawara Trench, where he sought slumber.

While Godzilla was peacefully sleeping in the depths of the sea, a meteorite suddenly collided with the ocean. The terrible titan awoke once more, and shortly thereafter, Godzilla emerged from the surf. The menacing monster approached a large vessel, on which a mysterious mammoth egg was being transported. The hard shell of the enigmatic cell cracked, and a mysterious larva named Mothra emerged. Godzilla fought the innocent insect, and quickly repelled all of its physical attacks. It appeared as though Mothra would soon face her destiny, if not for the arrival of another monster... Mothra's dark counterpart, Battra, was also awoken by the meteorite. This new larva attacked Godzilla with its horn, and the two grotesque gargantuan beasts sank into the ocean depths. The seismic struggle continued, even amidst the dangers of an undersea eruption. Both monsters sank deep into the magma, and it was assumed that both had died in an endless sea of molten rock.

All was not as it appeared, for Godzilla simply swam beneath the surface of the planet. It pushed its way through the magma flows, and finally emerged at the pinnacle of Mt. Fuji. It descended from the volatile mountain and briefly battled with the self-defense force. It continued to trudge through the countryside, and it finally appeared in the seaside metropolis Yokohama. The imago forms of both Mothra and Battra were locked in an intense battle in the sky, but the appearance of this new saurian foe prompted the dark moth to reassess his priorities. Battra attacked Godzilla, but the well-armed arthropod was overwhelmed and rendered unconscious. Mothra approached Battra, and infused some of her life energy into her mortal enemy. She communicated with her former foe, and the two monsters agreed to cooperate. Mothra reentered the fray, but she was soon subdued by Godzilla's awful power. As the boorish beast prepared to send the Cosmo Clock 21 Ferris wheel toppling onto Mothra, Battra intervened and rescued her. The two monsters, now allies, began to bombard their enemy with a barrage of beams. Godzilla was finally sent to the ground, and the two massive moths lifted the reprehensible reptile into the sky. Godzilla wasn't defeated quite yet. The merciless monster killed Battra in mid air with its piercing teeth and searing ray. Her ally dead, Mothra was forced to release her grip. Godzilla and Battra plummeted into the ocean below, as Mothra sealed the area with a special energy.

Another year passed quietly, and Godzilla suddenly began to intercept a strange telepathic signal being emanated from Adonoa Island in the Bering Sea. When Godzilla arrived on the isle, though, he was met with a fierce confrontation. A titanic pterosaur, Rodan, was defending a large egg, which was the source of the signal. The flying horror was inconceivably fast, and Rodan proved to be a difficult foe to contend with. Ultimately, Godzilla fired his thermonuclear ray on the crimson creature, sending it crashing to the Earth below. As the monster war was waging, a scientific research team managed to procure the mysterious egg, which they transported back to the mainland. With the source of the signal moving, Godzilla was forced to change his destination. It was imperative that he pursue this egg!

When Godzilla appeared in Japan, a new weapon was dispatched to deal with the deplorable beast. Mechagodzilla, built using the 23rd century technology found in Mecha-King Ghidorah's cybernetic head, was sent to fight Godzilla. The mechanical masterpiece quickly outgunned its organic counterpart, but when Godzilla sent Mechagodzilla's energy surging back into its bionic body, the robotic reptile became inoperable. With his enemy defeated, Godzilla continued to pursue the psychic signal into Kyoto, where a baby Godzilla had hatched from the egg discovered on Adonoa Island. The scientists telepathically isolated Baby Godzilla, leaving the lumbering leviathan outside perplexed and disappointed. Unable to locate the source of the signal, the confused creature could only retreat.

Meanwhile, Rodan regained consciousness on Adonoa Island. The flying monster transformed into Fire Rodan, and its power was amplified greatly. It rushed to Japan where it sought its "brother", Baby Godzilla, destroying a helicopter in transit and securing the canister that it was towing where the young Godzillasaurus was to be found. As Rodan attempted to open the canister, though, it was suddenly attacked by Garuda, a powerful aerial battle cruiser. Though Rodan quickly tossed the dated machine aside, the terrifying pterosaur was knocked unconscious by Mechagodzilla's plasma grenade.

After Godzilla arrived, searching for Baby Godzilla, a repaired Garuda combined with Mechagodzilla to become Super Mechagodzilla. This new and improved mech brutally subdued its enemy monster. The G-Crusher was fired, and Godzilla was paralyzed. In response to Baby Godzilla's mounting fear, Rodan reentered the fray. Super Mechagodzilla, however, quickly subdued the soaring creature, and in its dying moments, Rodan bequeathed its life energy to Godzilla. The nuclear menace rose once more, and fired its newly acquired spiral fire ray on Super Mechagodzilla, annihilating the once magnificent mech. Having won the war, Godzilla finally located Baby Godzilla. The once merciless monster suddenly showed a softer side as he adopted the helpless creature as his own. Godzilla and Baby Godzilla returned to the sea, where they would locate a new home on Birth Island. There, they would enjoy a temporary peace...

Over the course of the following year, Baby would grow into an even larger form. Now called "Little Godzilla", the playful monster frolicked in its island paradise. However, on one fateful day, a sinister space monster, bent on world domination, landed on the island. SpaceGodzilla, as the monster was dubbed, was the result of the cosmic mutation of Godzilla's cells, and the heartless horror began to mercilessly attack Little Godzilla. Though the young monster's father quickly arrived to defend him, SpaceGodzilla captured Little Godzilla in a crystal cell, isolating him from his paternal protector. The terrible space monster began to fly toward the mainland, with Godzilla following at full speed.

Godzilla arrived in Japan, and the furious animal trampled through several cities in pursuit of his new rival. Finally, he arrived in Fukuoka, which SpaceGodzilla had converted into a crystal fortress. Moguera, Mechagodzilla's replacement, was already overwhelmed by its cosmic opponent. Unfortunately, Godzilla wasn't able to gain very much ground against the hateful monster either. SpaceGodzilla's telekinesis was too strong, and a new strategy would have to be formulated...

It was discovered that Fukuoka Tower had been instilled with a cosmic energy vital to SpaceGodzilla's power supply. As Moguera split into its two lesser forms: Land Moguera and Star Falcon, Godzilla continued his futile battle with SpaceGodzilla. Land Moguera destroyed Fukuoka Tower, and SpaceGodzilla's main energy supply was completely sapped. The two vehicles merged and Moguera was whole once more. It destroyed SpaceGodzilla's shoulder crystals, but in the struggle, Moguera was severely damaged. As the space monster continued to lose precious energy, Godzilla took advantage of the situation. It fired its spiral fire ray on SpaceGodzilla, destroying that feral fiend once and for all.

In the end, Godzilla returned to Birth Island, where he lived out the coming year in peace and tranquility with his beloved son.


On the once peaceful Birth Island, Godzilla's nuclear heart was suddenly disturbed by an unknown cause. The

Godzilla95 tn.jpg
Godzilla 1995
 resulting chain reaction quickly burned the isle and boiled the sea, turning the once tranquil setting into a smoldering graveyard beneath the waves. Godzilla and his adopted son disappeared...

Meanwhile in Hong Kong, the eerie calm of the still night was suddenly shattered when something fearful arose from the harbor. Godzilla, glowing with a fiery intensity, burned its way through the steaming sea and crashed its way through the bustling metropolis. The horrified citizens could only run in terror, as the burning behemoth trudged along its set path.

As Godzilla continued to wreck havoc, it was discovered that the creature was on the verge of a nuclear explosion. Even worse, as it approached Japan, it was searching for more nuclear fuel. Before it could feed, the Super-X3 was deployed to deal with the situation. The highly advanced craft used freezer missiles, cadmium missiles, and a super cold to neutralize the beast. Preserved at -200 degrees, the frozen reptile tilted and fell into the surrounding ocean. Six hours passed, and Godzilla's mobility returned. His fission began to decline, and the world breathed a sigh of relief.

Shortly thereafter, Godzilla's son suddenly reappeared, now almost half of Godzilla's height. Godzilla Junior was heading for his birthplace of Adonoa Island, and it was determined that Godzilla was following him from a distance.

As Godzilla followed Junior to Adonoa Island, something urgent was discovered about Godzilla'

s state. It was predicted that the creature would undergo a nuclear meltdown that would bore a hole deep into the Earth. Something drastic would have to be done to stop it. Coincidentally, Tokyo was under siege by a monster called Destoroyah. The monster was, in essence, a living oxygen destroyer. If Godzilla could be led to fight this creature, it could very well share the same fate as its predecessor from the 1950s. The psychics Meru Ozawa and Miki Saegusa were convinced into using their powers to lead Junior to Tokyo, thereby luring Godzilla to Destoroyah and perhaps his demise.

By the time Godzilla had arrived in Tokyo, Junior had already subdued Destoroyah in a brutal battle. Godzilla and his son called out to each other in respect, but their reunion was cut drastically short when Destoroyah's final form rose from a burning building. Godzilla took the brunt of Destoroyah's micro-oxygen spray as Junior was airlifted by the disgusting demon and dropped from an extreme altitude. The fall brought Junior to the brink of death, and Godzilla's anger climbed to a new altitude. Godzilla endured the micro-oxygen spray as it clashed with Destoroyah, but Godzilla was soon dragged across Tokyo like a toy. Though Destoroyah's horn beam sliced through Godzilla in a repulsive display of pure cruelty, Godzilla soon sent the malicious monster spitting up vital fluids with his spiral fire ray. Destoroyah reverted into its juvenile forms, but they too were soon subdued.

Godzilla, ever rising in temperature, trudged over to his fallen son. His attempts to revive him failed, and Godzilla could only give his son a silent farewell. Destoroyah's final form returned, and the indifferent creature shot its micro-oxygen spray at the grieving father. Godzilla was forced to re-enter the fray, and it was once again dragged by Destoroyah's forked tail. Godzilla soon regained his footing and blasted a spiral ray at Destroyah's head. Wounded, the hideous horror took to the sky as the military fired its freezing weapons. The creature plummeted to the Earth, defeated through the exploitation of its one weakness

Godzilla's temperature continued to rise as it contemplated the loss of his one true friend, and his ina

bility to exact revenge on his son's murderer. Godzilla's flesh glowed to a new intensity and began to melt. The Super-X3 and numerous freezing weapons attempted to minimize the damage, but the creature's flesh melted away and its skeleton collapsed. A meltdown was imminent, and it would undoubtedly prove to be the greatest nuclear disaster of all time. The intense radiation suddenly subsided, however. Perplexed, humankind gazed dumbfounded as a fully grown and fully revived Junior emerged from the smoke and ruins, ready to fight another day.


Born from the baptizing flames of man's ignorance, a creature was turned into a god. A living juggernaut that 

Tn godzilla99.jpg
Godzilla 2000/1999

possessed both unfathomable power and killing prowess. The beast, whose name would be cursed on the tongues of every Japanese man, woman, and child, trampled through the lands of the rising sun. Few innocents escaped Godzilla's wrath. The ones who did live to see the end, watched as the leviathan dipped into the waves, for what was hoped to be a final time. All was for naught, however, as the creature made yearly attacks on Japan from then on. On once such occasion, in 2000, lifting from the waves, the monster made way to an electric power plant. A human product of mankind's intelligence, the plant was the burden of the creature's fury. Tearing the skeletal steel structure asunder, Godzilla next dove beneath the waves with the plant leveled.

Days crept by before the CCI could perceive the saurian's next target. With bold pride, coursing through the soldier's veins, the military staged a sizable assault against the creature. The men tried to divert the again revealed monster from the nuclear plant; throwing everything they had at it. Mines, jets, tanks, and even their new systems, the Full Metal Missiles, crashed in endless waves. They had succeeded in actually halting the reptile's advance, but before anything further could be conceived, a UFO entered the fray. Aroused from its slumber at that bottom of the black ocean, the alien craft saw in Godzilla the cells of a new body. A form that the beings could use to conquer this world. Immediately the silvery mass blasted the titan with a cosmic emerald ray. Never before had the king been the first to fall in a battle. Standing from the rubble of iron and concrete, Godzilla fired back with his ray, but as he did so the alien craft shot again. The exchange of attacks left both combatants to nurse their wounds.

Night fell, but this would not be an ordinary day. Wading from the bay of Tokyo, Godzilla cut through the city to face the UFO again. The two wared, but the alien technology was too much, and in the end, Godzilla was buried beneath the weight of a collapsed building. Taking advantage, the craft pulls from the animal the valuable Organizer G1. A strain of healing DNA that makes the reptile an unstoppable force. Regenerating its wounds to full health in a matter of seconds. Extracting the material, the Millennian combined it to their own form. The Millennian exited the safety of its ship, but was soon met with trouble. The stolen power it besieged from Godzilla changes the Millennian into a huge lumbering giant, dubbed Orga. Godzilla soon pulls free from his prison, and battles the new Orga. His clawing teeth, sweeping tail, and ember beam, doing nothing to the instantly healing monster. The creature Orga even goes as far as to try and consume Godzilla to feed, but the nuclear god would not go. Charging his body, like a blossoming flower, Godzilla let loose an explosion of hate. Cascading waves of scarlet fires erupted from his body, and beheaded the stunned alien. The winner gloated at this win, but soon made his way to the rest of the untouched city. Spinning an entire arc of swirling blaze, Godzilla proved once again that he is a force of nature never to be underestimated.


A creature born of the past, birthed in the future, Godzilla is the living symbol of the horror that can be created from

Tn godzilla00.jpg
Godzilla 2000
mankind's hands and minds. Emerging from the peaceful waters of Tokyo bay, the creature turned the city into a fiery holocaust. The only prayers in his name, were those for his death. Thousands of years of smoldering death graced the land in but a single night. Nothing could be done to stem the wrath of the demon. The last glance that befell humanities eyes, were those of a crocodilian tail, dipping into the waves. The animal would be back to claim what it saw fit, though, but years past before the vow was returned.

In 1966, Godzilla rose from the waters again, and attacked Japan's first nuclear power planet. Tokaimura was in ruins before the behemoth left. More time passed, before the leviathan showed itself to the world. Heading into the heart of Osaka, in 1996, Godzilla tore to pieces an experimental new plasma plant. A regiment of bazooka armed troops were sent in to thwart the destruction, but their firepower was not enough. The most courageous men and women to ever walk Japan perished that day, under the conquering feet of Godzilla.

The defeat laid in the sorrowed mouths of the nation, the public cried out for a way to end the terror. The military answered that call, building a weapon that contained the power of a black hole. Erecting the Dimension Tide in space, on a private satellite, a new plan to lure the monster to a remote island was put into action. Leading the fanged saurian with their new Griffon ship, the trap was nearly set, if not for the interference of the Meganula swarm. The insects descended on the nuclear titan, stealing his energy with quick jabs from their spiked tails. A momentary battle issued with Godzilla proving the victor in the end. The scientist wasted no time in seeing the winner, and fired their weapon. The air split, and clouds gave away as a strike from heaven crashed into the monster. However, the effects were not as hoped. Godzilla had dodged most of the blast, and was now unearthing himself from the crumbled mountains. Vice scoured his blood, and Godzilla dove back into the sea, trailing the fleeing swarm of Meganula.

It was not long before he reached the mainland, and stepped into a war with the queen of the Meganula: Megaguirus. The gigantic insect toyed with the biped creature, using its unbelievable speed and quick strikes for amusement. Throwing Godzilla about like a rag doll, and stealing his energy to form a plasma ball that toppled the giant. However, Megaguirus made one mistake, and ventured too close. Snapping about the dagger tail of the mutant dragonfly, Megaguirus was maimed and it was not long before the behemoth incinerated the bug. With victory his, Godzilla proceeded to destroy the hidden plasma power plant in the city. However, before he could finish off his target, the Dimension Tide was fired once more. The city quaked as the blast rocked the city. The land was torn and shredded, while the buildings were reduced to worthless ruble.

Yet the sacrifice was in vein. The Dimension Tide did nothing more than bury the foe. In a few weeks, the world saw the reawakening of the giant. It were as if he never left.


With the disappearance of a US nuclear sub off the coast of Guam and the leveling of a village on the Bonin

Tn godzilla mill 3rd.jpg
Godzilla 2001
Islands, the Japanese government started to become very tense. Could it be that the reprehensible apparition from 50 years earlier had resurfaced? Unfortunately, at Yaizu Harbor in Shizuoka, that question was soon answered. A monster suddenly surfaced from the sea; its opaque silhouette burning a contrast to the grim, overcast sky. Its eyes were as blank and lifeless as stone, and its dark mahogany muscles bulged impressively from the endless mountain of its massive physique. The forgotten spirits of the Pacific War had possessed this mutated dinosaur, creating an invulnerable juggernaut of raw strength. The creature was an apparition from so many years ago; that cursed name that rang from the tongues of those unfortunate enough to witness its destruction. It was Godzilla! The intensity of the malignant spirit exploded a path through the coastal city, leveling and leaving to ruin every triumph of human genius that lay helplessly along its predetermined path to Tokyo.

The creature's first stop erupted in a landslide of a nearby mountain, as Godzilla had breached the natural wall of the Owaku Valley in Hakone. What should have been a mere valley, a simple section of scenery that was to be a passing glimpse for the determined demon, became a battlefield. The blood red Guardian Monster, Baragon, was the first being who could muster a worthy offensive for the merciless mutant. Baragon's claws crushed the soil below it, tossing dust and stone into the air, as it sank into the subterranean realm beneath the Owaku Valley, destabilizing the surface and throwing Godzilla off balance. The burgundy monster emerged and swiftly swooped through the wind to sink its jaw into the arm of the reprehensible reptile. The jagged teeth gripping the gargantuan arm with an incomprehensible force, were suddenly rendered ineffective as Baragon suddenly found itself airborne, as Godzilla cast the creature aside. Godzilla continued his relentless attack against the creature, slamming his gigantic foot onto his grounded opponent. Baragon finally broke free, though, and prepared a encore of his previous offensive. The maroon monster tried to leap at Godzilla once more, but he collided with the titan's tail instead. Baragon attempted to escape the wrath of this unrelenting beast, but the creature was destroyed by the destructive force of Godzilla's hellish beam instead. Like thunder tearing through the still air, Godzilla's chilling cry rang throughout the countryside.

The sun set and the inky darkness of night befell the nation. General Katsumasa Mikumo led an aerial counteroffensive against Godzilla, but the monster's atomic ray converted each military craft into a raging fireball. Godzilla journeyed into Yokohama, where it witnessed a living tapestry of colors atop the Yokohama Landmark Tower. Mothra was its name, and it was the second Guardian Monster. The exotic arthropod fell into the breeze and initiated her assault on the King of the Monsters. The blades of her stingers detonated on contact, and Godzilla squirmed in pain. Its heart filled with malice and a thirst for vengeance, Godzilla retaliated with his atomic ray. The light of the blazing beam continued to scorch the air as Mothra barely dodged its destructive force. The Landmark Tower wasn't so lucky, and the pinnacle of the once proud peak of concrete and metal erupted in fire and smoke. The giant insect continued its assault, as Mothra seized Godzilla's skull in her grasp and hung on for dear life, as the third Guardian Monster, Ghidorah, finally approached. Mothra withdrew as Ghidorah's gargoyle-like heads tore through Godzilla's body with a fierce array of electrical shocks. Ultimately, Ghidorah was incapacitated by the pure power of Godzilla's thermonuclear discharge, though, and the disgusting horror prepared to finish off Ghidorah. Sacrificing her own safety to rescue the guardian with the greatest hope of vanquishing their foe, Mothra intercepted the onslaught. The marvelous moth was thrust from view and left immobile amongst the rubble of the once remarkable city.

From land and sea, the self-defense force assaulted the loathsome leviathan in yet another futile effort to eradicate the invulnerable beast. Within mere seconds, the counteroffensive was completely consumed in flames. Burning brightly, Mothra ascended into the night; though the flames were devouring the scales of her brilliant wings, her resolve was unbending. She crept quietly behind the sickening creature, when Godzilla suddenly spun to meet the interfering insect. With a morbid joy coursing through his twisted soul, the revolting reptile obliterated the once majestic moth. The brilliant saffron glow of Mothra's life energy possessed Ghidorah, and the glimmering dragon awoke in a blaze of raw power. Encased in a sphere of pure energy, King Ghidorah shone with a brightness that rivaled the sun. It's blazing shield absorbed, amplified, and returned the once insurmountable energy of Godzilla's nuclear beam to its source. Faced with an amplified spheroid of plasma, Godzilla's flesh was finally opened as the beast plummeted into the bay. Its strength still coursing unabated, Godzilla emerged virtually unfazed. King Ghidorah's determination persevered, and the golden dragon collided with his foe. Under the filter of the aquatic domain, piercing teeth and gashing claws ripped and tore aimlessly through the shadowy abyss. The cerulean firestorm was yet again unleashed, and the breath collapsed the nearby Yokohama Bay Bridge. The self-defense force, plagued by the concern that the guardian could fail in his attempt to extinguish the saurian fiend, released two submarines into the fray. The D-03, a flaming spear to dispense with the nuclear menace, was fired. Alas, Godzilla evaded the incoming weapon, thrusting his King Ghidorah in the way, as the missile pierced the golden's dragon's neck. In the confusion, the wretched leviathan took the opportunity to fire on the wounded creature. King Ghidorah lay helpless on the ocean floor, with the hopes of Japan fading deep into the dark, swirling tempest of Godzilla's embittered heart.

Meanwhile, Yuri Tachibana and Teruaki Takeda, who had procured an amulet key to unlocking King Ghidorah's potential, were coincidentally dangling from the collapsing Yokohama Bay Bridge. Their amulet cut through the air into the lapping waves below. Slowly, the last hope for the nation approached the sleeping dragon, preparing to awaken the heroic hydra. Deeper and deeper it sank until the stone amalgamated with King Ghidorah. The rejuvenated dragon rescued Yuri Tachibana and Teruaki Takeda, and as they swam to safety, King Ghidorah entered the sky. He unleashed his gravity beams, those amber streaks of lightning that singed and seared all that they touched. While the attack was astonishingly powerful, the buzzing, crackling golden beams infused Godzilla with a spectacular power of his own. The energy culminated into the maw of the terrible tyrant. The charged beam was unleashed. King Ghidorah erupted into a ball of fire, the flaming bits of flesh shooting into the bay and the hope of the nation vanishing into the pit of disaster.

The war was not yet over, for the guardian's energy took the form of Baragon, Mothra, and King Ghidorah before it diffused into Godzilla. The abominable beast sank, desperately trying to regain the buoyancy it lost from this final assault. The Satsuma, one of the submarines that had earlier grappled with the monstrosity, entered into Godzilla's mouth and sank into the belly of the horrendous beast.

The dim glow of morning gently caressed the bay, as Godzilla emerged unopposed. Surveying the damage he had so eagerly wrought on civilization, the flesh of its shoulder suddenly splattered forth as the D-03 became visible through the wound that King Ghidorah had torn earlier. Godzilla writhed for a moment as the missile exploded, but pain was merely a mild distraction for the demon. When the dreadful creature regained its balance, he prepared to fire his nuclear ray at Yuri and Teruaki, bent on his continued thirst for the annihilation of the human race. However, the sphere of radiant blue energy that accumulated between his jaws suddenly disappeared, and the searing plasma burst through his freshly opened wound. Confused, he attempted to fire his atomic ray again, but to no avail. The concentrated surge of energy erupted from Godzilla's shoulder, and the beast roared in fear for the very first time. His crimes were being avenged, his punishment decided by the human locked tightly in the bowels of the beast. The doomed creature collapsed into the bay, sinking further and further into the depths. The Satsuma escaped from the insides of the despised creature, as the submarine's pilot Taizo Tachibana struggled with all the strength he could muster to survive. At least the hateful horror could exact revenge on the man responsible for his imminent demise, but this too was a dream that faded into obscurity. Godzilla's thermonuclear ray, that monstrous weapon through which he had annihilated so much, became his own downfall. The malice of the monstrous beast faded as the mountainous mass of flesh erupted into an explosion. Godzilla, once the king of the monsters, had disappeared completely from radar. He was finally put to rest.

However, all was not as it seemed, for the truth of the battle's outcome was enshrouded by fathoms of water. Amongst the wreckage of the battle, enshrouded by the murky water of the bay, Godzilla's disembodied heart continued to beat. The terror lived on...


The ocean was overflowing on that fearful night in 1999. As a typhoon ravaged the Bosko Peninsula, a dark shadow

Godzilla02 tn.jpg
Godzilla 2002/2003
rose above the coast of Tateyama. It was a monster, a species of dinosaur that had gone unseen in almost 45 years. Godzilla had arrived, and the menacing monstrosity laid Tateyama to waste. The Anti-Mega Losses Force was dispatched to deal with the lumbering leviathan, but alas, their maser cannons were ultimately of little use. Following his rampage, Godzilla stealthily returned to the depths of sea, where he would go unseen for almost four years.

On one fateful day in 2003, that hateful horror surfaced once more. As it marched into Tokyo, it was met with a truly peculiar sight. Godzilla's spitting image was cast in metal and wire; the "Mechagodzilla" named Kiryu had been released by the Japanese government to battle with the nation's greatest threat. Missiles were launched at the behemoth, to no avail. The robot's maser cannons fired, but Godzilla merely stirred in response to the strike. The barbaric beast reared and roared into the sky, and something odd occurred in Kiryu's body. The soul of the 1954 Godzilla was disturbed, for Kiryu was cast from his bones. The modern, mechanized wonder went berserk, as Godzilla returned to the sea. Kiryu soon exhausted its power supply, and it was heavily debated whether or not the potentially dangerous machine should be redeployed.

Within days, Godzilla struck yet again. It decimated the military forces that stood in its path, and, despite the dangers, the Prime Minister had no choice but to unleash Kiryu on the diabolical demon yet again. As Godzilla continued to burn in his fiery rage, Kiryu appeared on the scene and knocked its enemy off his feet. The metal monster began to release its arsenal on Godzilla, like before, as the King of the Monsters stood strong against his opponent. The ogreish animal pounded Kiryu with physical blows and managed to release his thermonuclear ray several times. Despite it all, Kiryu finally gained the upper hand when he sent his feral foe into a centrifugal throw! As Kiryu prepared to fire its absolute zero cannon, an ultimate weapon that could demolecularize any target, Godzilla launched another atomic ray at his robotic rival, causing Kiryu to miss his target. The arctic ray completely annihilated three buildings, as Kiryu, once the ultimate paradigm of human ingenuity, was sent crashing powerless into the ground. Godzilla turned his attention away from his defeated foe, as he returned to his citywide rampage.

As Godzilla crawled through the once bustling metropolis, something strange occurred. The electricity was cut from the Kanto region, and Tokyo was left in complete darkness. The energy was being redirected to Kiryu, for the mechanized dragon was being re-energized! Kiryu rose from the streets and launched itself at its gargantuan adversary. It forced Godzilla's mouth shut with its hand, and it readied its absolute zero cannon. The ultimate weapon fired as the monsters flew into the bay, and an enormous column of ice rose hundreds of meters into the air. Though the chilling attack was brutal, Godzilla escaped the terrible onslaught. Kiryu, with no power reserves remaining, could only stand motionless as Godzilla once again escaped into the abyss of the cold, cerulean sea.

As Kiryu's repairs continued for the better part of a year, Godzilla swam undetected in the ocean depths, until one day when it came across a giant sea turtle named Kamoebas. The shelled wonder didn't stand a chance against the heartless horror. After Godzilla inflicted three massive lacerations to its neck, Kamoebas barely dragged itself ashore. The death of Kamoebas was the first major sign of Godzilla's imminent return, and the explosion of a nuclear sub off the coast of Guam was the second. Within days, Godzilla surfaced and began to approach Tokyo. As it came ashore, it was met with minor resistance in the form of maser cannons. Godzilla set the advanced weaponry aflame, and it began its march of destruction through the city. The nuclear menace was attracted to the bones that were built inside Kiryu; for it was a tragic irony that the weapon Japan created to destroy Godzilla was in fact luring the terrible titan straight into the nation's capital!

Before Kiryu could be released to repel the baneful beast, the setting sun dimmed for a moment. A marvelous moth was majestically flying aloft, for it was the guardian Mothra, who had been summoned to defeat Godzilla. As Mothra began to thrash the titanic tyrant, the Prime Minister ordered Kiryu to remain on standby. Evening turned to night, as Mothra clawed away at her enemy's skull. Mothra lost one of her legs in the struggle, and she began to release the scales from her wings. Sadly, Mothra would not be able to stay airborne very long after she lost her scales; she knew she was going to die. As Mothra's state continued to deteriorate, the Prime Minister decided that the guardian monster needed assistance. He ordered Kiryu's release, despite the fact that the machine was still untested and lacked the absolute zero cannon.

Godzilla continued to struggle against Mothra, and in the process, his swirling tunnel of searing heat toppled Tokyo Tower. Shortly after this disastrous event, the merciless beast proceeded to shoot Mothra out of the sky with his wrathful ray. Before Godzilla could inflict further injury, ammunition began to strike the saurian savage. Kiryu had arrived once more to do battle with its old foe. The "Mechagodzilla" staged a full out offensive against its enemy monster, and though Godzilla was temporarily brought to the ground, the beastly behemoth managed to disable Kiryu with his breath. As he prepared to finish his cybernetic clone, Mothra took the force of Godzilla's heat ray. Kiryu rose to its feet once more, and it continued the onslaught with a wide assortment of weapons. It soon lost the upper hand, however, when Godzilla immobilized the mechanized monster by tripping and blasting Kiryu with his thermonuclear ray.

As Godzilla again prepared to annihilate the crippled cyborg, silk began to fall from the sky. Mothra's two larval offspring had arrived to assist their ailing mother, but they were soon sent into a fierce rage when Godzilla destroyed their mother in a blazing inferno. The cyan eyes of the angered arthropods began to glow a deep magenta, swirling with a desire for vengeance. These two new monsters attempted to fight Godzilla, but their small size and limited weaponry placed them at a grave disadvantage.

Luckily, Kiryu was finally repaired. It became locked in battle with Godzilla once more, and both monsters toppled into the Diet Building. The mechanical wonder and its organic sibling rose from the ruins, and Kiryu drilled his hand into a severe wound on Godzilla's chest, a wound that had been torn one year earlier with the Zero Canon. Godzilla roared in pain! It stood like a tree, gently swaying as it endured an intense agony from the previous attack. The Mothra larvae began to wrap Godzilla in a chrysalis of silk, and the once unbeatable monster fell to the ground in defeat. Godzilla's roars, however, disturbed Kiryu, and it went berserk much as it did almost one year ago. It restrained Godzilla and lifted its subdued enemy into the sky. They soared over the lapping waves and plummeted into the depths of the Japan Trench. Kiryu was searching for rest, and now the souls of the dead could finally rest in peace. As the Mothra larvae returned to their island, the world breathed a sigh of relief. Godzilla was finally defeated...

All was not as it should be, however. Godzilla's DNA, procured in November of 1999, was still in the hands of the reckless scientists that created Kiryu. The threat remained!


Amidst the 20th century, Godzilla, the symbol of humankind's ignorance, emerged to terrorize the world yet again.

Godzilla04 tn.jpg
Godzilla 2004
The Japanese Self Defense Force lured Godzilla to Antarctica, where the military attacked the abomination. Tanks and maser cannons fired with futility on the mountain of flesh. Godzilla destroyed all of his opposition, laying to waste mankind's hopes of annihilating this archfiend. However, humankind wasn't down for the count! Gotengo, a massive aerial battleship, appeared and dueled with the nuclear menace. Gotengo put up a brilliant offensive, but Godzilla was ultimately victorious, or so it seemed... A tremor shook the icy terrain, pulling Godzilla into the pit of the frozen continent. Gotengo took advantage of this wonderful situation, and it fired its missiles at a mountain behind Godzilla. The icy cliffs began to topple and bury the beast. The wretched reptile was frozen, and his reign of terror was over.

Forty years later, a multitude of monsters began to attack the world's largest cities. Millions were killed in the terrible ambush. Suddenly, friends from above, an alien race called the Xiliens, appeared on Earth. In a single stroke, the monsters that were attacking Earth suddenly vanished at the Xiliens' hands, but the beings possessed a terrible secret agenda. Once their plot for world domination was uncovered, the Xiliens once again released their monsters on the world's populous. It was determined that the only possible method by which to save the planet would be to release the terror that slept peacefully in its frozen tomb to the South: Godzilla. The Gotengo was sent to Antarctica to release nuclear menace, but little did they know that a most fierce monster was trailing them.

Gigan, that detestable space cyborg, attacked the Gotengo when it arrived in Antarctica. Luckily, the powerful aircraft managed to destroy the base that had held Godzilla captive for so many years. The king of the monsters, seething with a fiery passion for revenge, emerged. The cybernetic horror fired his cluster beam at the monster. Taking advantage of his preliminary strike, Gigan fired his cables at Godzilla and began to reel him in toward his razor-sharp buzz saw! Unfazed by his apparent doom, Godzilla fired his thermonuclear ray, rending Gigan's head from his shoulders. Godzilla roared in victory, as his foe lay motionless on the icy desert. Godzilla began to leave the site of Gigan's defeat, when the monster noticed Gotengo. It began to follow the craft, firing his atomic ray at his old adversary. Godzilla thought he was still fighting the battle he had waged with Gotengo before he was frozen, unaware of the extreme time lapse. Using this fact to an advantage, the Gotengo began to fly toward Tokyo. If Godzilla could be led to the Xiliens, surely he could destroy them.

Along the way to Tokyo, Godzilla was faced with many enemy monsters under the control of the aliens. First, Godzilla battled the giant lizard Zilla in Sydney, Australia. This monster was easily defeated when it was sent crashing into the Sydney Opera House. Godzilla's deadly nuclear ray followed and the monster was set ablaze. In New Guinea, Godzilla was forced to do battle with the seismic spider Kumonga. The arachnid fired its webbing at his reptilian rival, but Godzilla managed to grab hold to a strand. Since the web that Godzilla held was still attached to the spider, he managed to fling Kumonga thousands of miles away. In Japan, Godzilla fought Kamacuras, the giant praying mantis. Ultimately, Godzilla managed to throw it into a large electrical conductor, killing the beast. Despite every fray that came the monster's way, it lost no steam as Godzilla continued to follow the Gotengo to its destiny in Tokyo.

Godzilla soon found himself facing his greatest challenge yet, though. He arrived in Mt. Fuji, where he faced three monsters simultaneously: Rodan, Anguirus, and King Caesar. The four titans charged at one another, but Godzilla quickly gained the upper hand. Crushing Anguirus' head beneath his foot, the nuclear menace leapt away as Rodan and King Caesar slammed into each other while missing their mark. The battle waged on, as Godzilla managed to slam his tail into Anguirus, sending him on a collision course with Rodan, causing the terrible pterosaur to be sent crashing into the ground. King Caesar retaliated, kicking Anguirus back to Godzilla like a soccer ball! Godzilla avoided the attack, though, and Anguirus was sent toppling onto Rodan. King Caesar's ears stood straight into the air, for its anger was swelling to a boiling point. The mammalian monster charged, but Godzilla grabbed the furry colossus and threw him into a hill, causing him to topple onto Anguirus and Rodan. With the trio of titans defeated, Godzilla roared in victory as it continued to follow the Gotengo.

After Gotengo breached the shell of the Xilien Mothership, Godzilla arose from the depths of Tokyo Bay. The monster made short work of Ebirah and Hedorah as it moved deeper into the city. Meanwhile, the aliens' most powerful weapon, the asteroid called Gorath, had finally breached the Earth's atmosphere. Godzilla fired his breath at the incoming meteor, and the resulting explosion destroyed Tokyo, leaving a crater where the once magnificent metropolis stood.

From within the meteor, a new monster arose. Monster X, as the creature was known, began to battle Godzilla. As they exchanged blows, Mothra appeared! She arrived to assist in the alien race's defeat, but the Xiliens sent a repaired Gigan to do away with the guardian. Gigan sliced Mothra's wing and sent the mammoth moth crashing to the ground. With Mothra seemingly defeated, Gigan proceeded to assist Monster X in Godzilla's annihilation. Mothra, however, rose from the ground and continued to battle with Gigan. The sadistic cyborg sent its spinning razor disks to destroy Mothra, but she reflected them back to their source. The soaring blades decapitated Gigan once more, shortly after his cluster beam set Mothra aflame. The blazing arthropod flew past the decapitated Gigan, causing the demon to explode in a furious ball of fire.

Meanwhile, Godzilla pinned Monster X to the ground, assaulting him with powerful physical blows. Godzilla and Monster X were now battling in a city of flames. They both fired their energy attacks at each other, and this resulted in a massive explosion. As Godzilla slowly rose to his feet, Monster X revealed his true form. He was, in fact, the three-headed space dragon known as Keizer Ghidorah! The malignant monster began to drag Godzilla across the entire city with his gravity beams. Following this terrible onslaught, Keizer Ghidorah began to drain the life force out of Godzilla. However, the Gotengo intervened, and began to assist Godzilla. Using a special energy procured from the Xiliens called "Keizer", Gotengo infused Godzilla with a new power. The revitalized reptile used his newfound strength to destroy two of his opponent's heads. He tossed Keizer Ghidorah into the sky and fired his hyper spiral ray, causing the three-headed demon to erupt in a massive explosion. Godzilla roared in victory!

Godzilla noticed Gotengo, and downed his old enemy with his thermonuclear ray. He was about to finish the aerial battleship once and for all, when an old friend stepped between them. It was Godzilla's son Minilla, and he pleaded with his father to spare the ship. Godzilla listened to his son, and they journeyed out into the sea. Minilla fired an atomic ray into the distance; a symbol that Godzilla's legacy would never end. Godzilla let out one final roar, for his trials and tribulations had finally ended.

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