Friendship is witchcraft.


This Christmas, the hooves are coming out!

Mane 6: Jenny Nicholson Celestia: Griffin Lewis Sunset Shimmer: Rina-Chan Francis Shimmer: Wild Card

Snips: Mike Cynor
Friendship is Witchcraft THE MOVIE

Friendship is Witchcraft THE MOVIE


Twilight: I can’t wait to see what the princess did for my birthday surprise Celestia: YOUR PRESENT IS JUST ON THE OTHER SIDE Twilight: Wah Waggghh Twilight: Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh Twilight: Where my face? Twilight: Wooah wooh uhh. Flash Sentry: Huh? Want a Corn Dog? Twilight: -Eats Apple- Naam Namm Nam Nam Sunset Shimmer: Stay away from my brother. -Door Smacks Twilight- Twilight: MY SOUL IS REJECTING ITS NEW HOST BODY. Twilight Twilight: Balloon. Rainbow Dash: We’re gonna win that Talent show Pinkie: You need to make a sacrifice -Door Smacks Twilight- Rainbow Dash: Let’s start a rock band. Rainbow Dash: I’m pretty. Pinkie: Dying is fun. Sunset Shimmer: I HATE FRIENDSHIP. Twilight: I’m sexy now. :3 Apple Jack: OHANA MEANS FAMILY Snips: -Door Smacks Twilight- Twilight: YOUR MY BROTHER NOW. Rainbow Dash: It’s going to be off the hay. Apple Jack: If we work together there’s nothing we can’t do.

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