In the futuristic world of 1982, humankind learned, much to its utter dismay, that a collapsed star dubbed Gorath was on a collision course with Earth. The UN planned to invoke a radical bid for survival: they would have to alter the orbit of the planet in order to escape the path of the incoming celestial terror. While several attempts to study the approaching star were met to no avail, huge rockets were erected in Antarctica, prepared to thrust Planet Earth to safety.

As the ignition began, an unexpected twist of fate shook the very foundations of the Earthlings' plan for survival. The intense flames cracked and crumbled the icy tomb of a slumbering beast. Disturbed from its rest, the giant walrus Maguma was furious, and the enraged animal attacked several of the bases lying in the vicinity of the enormous rockets. A nearby VTOL ship witnessed the destruction that the creature's wrath wrought upon this much-needed cure for Earth's impending doom, and, realizing the creature was acting only on instinct, a powerful laser was released straight into the flesh of the beast. Maguma was killed, and his brief reign of terror finally subsided.

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