There was once a man and his son. The son wanted a puppy but his dad got him a melon that apparently could roll around by itself and in some accasions could talk. The melon would do strange things like go into the creepy corridor or make doors go 360 then go into the creepy corridor. One day the boy brung his melon outside along with his dad. His dad went in his garage and found out everything was destroyed. He then told his son "Why did you do it?!" His son then blamed it on the melon but his dad didn't believe him. Then when he was examining the damage the boy set his dad's childhood bike on fire. Then his dad saw his childhood bike on fire and said " BILLY THAT'S MY CHILDHOOD BIKE! I'VE BEEN RIDING ON THAT BIKE SINCE I WAS TWO MONTHS OLD!" Then once again he blamed it on the melon. He didn't believe him again. Later the son would say strange things like the melons are talking to me and he would stay in his room or in his dad's garage for long periods of time. Then when he was in his room his dad came to clean it. The door was locked and he waited for his son to come out. When he did he said "Nothing going on in this room!" He came in and the door suddenly locked itself. Then he saw his melon but he thought the melon came out of the room with him. Then he said "Billy how many melons are you keeping in here!?" then there was no response. He suddenly felt hungry and ate the melon. Then the melon bursted out of his belly and it killed him. Later a police officer came to the house and he looked alot like his dad but wasn't. Billy would try to stop him from looking for his dead father but he found him. Billy tried to lie about it by saying that it was his uncle. But it was too late. Then billy became a psychopath and killed the police officer. After the melon incedent Billy was never seen again. People would never go into that house again fearing the melon lord.

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