Establishing their base on a remote island, the Red Bamboo needed to prepare a few defenses, without having to deploy much of their forces in the process. The answer was simple, though may have been arrived at as a complete accident. Having Ebriah defending the sea, the Red Bamboo needed to combat any stray aircraft, whether spy or civilian, so they used the Giant Condor to patrol the skies.

Carried on feathered wings and sharp talons, the giant condor flew. Mutated by the reactor's radiation, the creature circled the island, searching for prey to feed. However, during one of its passes, the animal met up with a giant reptile like creature. Godzilla roared his challenge to the bird, and the answer was soon met. The battle that issued was short and brutal. It only took one heat ray for the Condor to falter, falling like a rock from the sky and sinking beneath the waves of the torrent ocean.

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