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Instead of making a Sploder update forum for myself, I decided to make a page where every Sploderian on the wiki can post updates.


  • Skyward Revelations will be edited more and it will be released by or on Christmas.
  • Skyward now has a wiki:
  • Skyward Revelations has been released! :D
  • Skyward 3 (not official name)
  • My internet is getting better and work on Zack: Trouble in Urbecula will probably be continued soon.
  • New Sploder Series (maybe)
  • New account! :D
  • Z:TIU will be ported over to that account
  • The Skyward games will probably get cancelled. Post your thoughts on this in the comments.
  • The possible main character for if Skyward does get cancelled has been designed.
  • Skyward isn't being cancelled, but it will be getting a new name.
  • Matthew and the other characters will be redesigned so everyone isn't just edited Earthbound/Mother 3 sprites.
  • A new Skyward game is coming, and it will be the first game with the new series name in it.
  • Cube Fighters might get continued
  • The original replacement for Skyward will be continued despite Skyward is not being cancelled.
  • This is Dealwithitdewott and I'm just saddly going to say... Goomy might be cancling all of his series because his computer is infested with viruses..... :(
  • Not anymore! :D
  • The delay for Skyward and Cube Fighters is over.!

Dewott the Epic/Dealwithitdewott

  • Desert Wolf 3 will be worked on and hopefully be published by Christmas.
  • Desert Wolf 3 WORLD 5 is being delayed till next week.
  • Desert Wolf 3 WORLD 7 will most likely be different than the other worlds (James will be the only main character) and will be the final world not including the secret Petit world. There also might be a hardcore bosses world
  • Desert Wolf 3 WORLD 7 is taking FOREEEEVEEERRRR.......


Undercover Fennekin/Fennekin

  • No Eye Deer


  • Petit's Adventure 3?

Cancellation of SQX Possibly?<---------NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Hi... I'm a Sploderian too. Updates coming soon.
  • English: I'm never updating bye.


  • Working on a new Solo mode of Sploder Smash Bros.and The first auditions is Dealwithitdewott as a playable character of his first part on SSB.
  • Working on a new Tigzon game, sightly before the first game of the SSB series. It will be ported to my Tigzonworks account. It is a sub-series to the Tigzon.