As you probably know from the Sploder E3, my Sploder series, Skyward, isn't completely dead. Anyways, here are announcements for three games. (also if you are LegendaryIce and don't know a thing about what I am talking about, this is a series of games made on a game making website known as Sploder.)

Skyward Revelations RemasteredEdit

This will be the sequel to Skyward Recreated, which is a remake of the original Skyward. If you have played Skyward Recreated, you would know that it toned the difficulty down greatly due to how unforgiving some of the levels in the original were. Skyward Revelations will do the same. Also like Skyward Recreated, it will add more playable characters to the game. Along with the original 3 characters, the new character from Skyward 3 will be added, and Crystal will return from Recreated, getting rid of her role as the damsel-in-distress of Skyward Revelations, so there will be a total of 5 playable characters, more than any other game in a Sploder series as of now.

Skyward 3 (tentative title)Edit

The new main series game in the Skyward series will be very different from the first two ones. The objective will be the same as Skyward Revelations, simply collect 7 crystals to pass the levels. However, the game requires all of the characters to be used to get the gems. Matthew can use cyrokinesis to create ice, which he can use to get across hazardous surfaces, like poison water and spikes easily. However, if it is used on lava, it will not work. Alex has high jumps, but his mirror shot ability was removed to make the game more balanced. Crystal is fairly average, and she can get the crystals that the other characters just can't reach. And the last character is a new character, who hasn't been named yet. He is very strong and can punch cracked walls to get crystals that they have. To make character switching easier, there are a group of fairy things known as Sprites in every level, which can be clicked on and then moved around so that they can reach the character you want to switch to. They pass through platforms, so controlling them isn't difficult at all.

Skyward PixellatedEdit

Not too much about the game needs to be revealed as there is a demo for it. All that needs to be said is that this is a spin-off of the series. The link to the demo:

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