One: "Oh, darn. I got replaced by a clown, a dandy, a goof, a kid, a prick, a liar, a sentimental fool, a goth, a hipster, and goodness, I'm going to look like a twelve year old in a silly bow tie and even worse hat!"

Eleven: "What?!  Silly? What d'you mean, silly? Bow ties are cool-"

One: "And just what exactly does 'Geronimo' mean, dear fellow?"

Two: And what do you think you're doing wearing a bow tie anyway--that was MY thing!

Three: Well *I* wore it better!

Four: I'd pit my scarf against any raggedy old bow tie!

Five: Well--

Six: Well what, you've got a vegetable for a lapel!

Five: Sorry, I couldn't hear you, could you turn down that coat of yours?

Seven: Oh, you lot. Get over yourselves. We're all wearing our own fashionable styles, this is no rrroom for fashion bashing

Eight: I agree

Nine: Oh, how nice. The suck-up is literally sucking up to himself

Ten: Oi, cut that out. Don't make me separate you two

Six: I'd like to see them fight. A bit of bloodbath between the two should do the trick

Four: You incomprehensible fool. Don't you realize our future selves would cease to exist after this is all over?

(Twelve walks in.)

Twelve: What the fuck d'ya think you all are fucking doin' ya idiots?!

All: ....

Three: Good heavens..

Ten: Blimey, 11, what did you do?!

Eleven: .....

(Fourth walks in)

Four: Do all you people care for some Jelly Babies?

Eleven and Ten: I thought you'd never ask.

(John Hurt Doctor walks in)

All Doctors: GET OUT!

John Hurt: :(

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