1th Tigzon ANNIVERSARY logo

Tigzon 1th Anniversary logo

Today (On June 14, 2014) is the first anniversary of the original Tigzon games, So I going to announced a new game of the series to conclude its celebration.

The new game of the Tigzon series is called Tigzon Island, which is currently in development and expected to be release with 20 Stages [including 3 planned DLC] on mid-Summer 2014. The fourth game in the original Tigzon series, following its fighting game, Tigzon Battle, the game will uses a modified version of the cancelled Tigzon Adventure's game engine and will inspired by the JuniorTennis7's Sonic Lost World series. Tigzon Island takes place three months after the events of the original Tigzon games, located on three island groups, Mango Island, Tekuno Island and Ōmono Island, in which a three crystals were scattered to each islands. The main characters of the Tigzon games (with exceptions of Dr. Massona, Professor Muzuka and Rex Chang) will return in this games, as well as introducing new characters to the series, such as Hana Rosaria, Dr. Niko Hyundai and the Rawbots pirates, which consists of its leader Ray Ratai, his daughter Rosa Ratai (a gamer-girl, who she has a feeling for Alex/Tigzon), his partner Missle Mass, and the 40 Klitchers (a robotic animal-like minions, who they hate the Puffies themselves). Former enemies from the original Tigzon series, such as the RED soilders led by their new leader, Captain M.Sorlock. New allies will be also added to this series.

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