This is a place for my Sploder updates!

Desert Wolf 3

It's almost done people! I just have to finish WORLD 7 Part 2!

Desert Wolf Color Team and Cy-Fox

After Desert Wolf 3 these will be the final Desert Wolf games until the reboot.

Desert Wolf the Movie

I'm delaying it til after the reboot.

Sploder Super Heroes

I'm canning it because I just have no time to work on it.

But I will put everybody who was in it in Dealwithitdewott the Movie!

Dealwithitdewott the Movie

Still working as hard as I can on it.

And unnamed crossover thingy

After looking at all these Umbrella Fighting Game pages on the Fantendo Wiki I have decided to make a Sploder series based off those Umbrella Fighting Games.

Desert Wolf Reboot

It will not be done in the Physics Game Creator anymore!


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