This is a spinoff series about the Doctor but there's a twist because this Doctor was cloned (no Meta Crisis) and is known as the 11.5 Doctor because when he was made he took the form of the 11th Doctor then got shot by the Master in his new regenerated form but then Caros (one of the survivors of the time war) sacrificed her self to bring back the cloned Doctor only to regenerate into a different Doctor. To find out more about this look below in the episode list.

Season 1

Ep 1: The Rise of Another Doctor Far away from the Time War a citizen has been hiding named Caros and she has been stranded on the planet Jarous waiting for help but one day Daleks invaded the planet so she made an S.O.S. sign which the Doctor sees and he goes to rescue her and he sees that she's another Time Lord but they get captured by the Daleks and now they have cloned him so they could modify him to be working with the Daleks but the cloning process was incomplete and the machine melted down, making another Doctor but the Daleks decided to dispose him but the Clara Oswald came in with the TARDIS and the Doctor told her how to use the Sonic Screwdriver so he could get out of the cage. Then 
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