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ShonenSeth ShonenSeth 8 June 2014

Mangamixer's Leaving Sploder

As some of you know that I wasn't making some new games on Sploder at all times, due to fact that I'm being haunted by Neptus on the forums and some people considered me as the false idiot, who he is obsessed with my Tigzon character. The only games, that I really put on any efforts were Petit's Land and Sploder Smash Bros.

The truth is that I'm 17 years old and I grew up in the Abu Dhabi state of the UAE. In here, most of the people don't care about Sploder that much and some of them thinks that is just a kiddie website for young kids. The only one who cares about it is me and I don't bother showing some game on Sploder to my friends or other people that I don't trust with. Like Head3000 said, Tigzon is less Sonic rip-off than I usually do…

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ShonenSeth ShonenSeth 29 May 2014

Sploder Updates (May 29, 2014)

(MAY 29, 2014) -- As some of you know that I wasn't very active on Sploder (and Stuffz wiki) because I was studying for the school's Final Exam. Before the last day of my school's Final Exam begins, Here's some of my Sploder Updates.

Since everybody commented their grants on my new fighting game, Sploder Smash Bros. Here's are some 10 Lists that I chose, were balanced enough.

  • Wetfordo
  • Tvnetworkgirl
  • Goomylord
  • Dealwithitdewott
  • ryandxxx
  • freeallsonic
  • Juniortennis7 (still need to ask him)
  • kenchy
  • artown
  • geodesigner (still need to ask him)

​For those who wanted to join my rosters of Sploder Smash Bros, I apologize for not chosing you, due to technical issues on and be patience for the next Sploder Smash Bros. game, if so.

Like any games from the S…

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