As some of you know that I wasn't making some new games on Sploder at all times, due to fact that I'm being haunted by Neptus on the forums and some people considered me as the false idiot, who he is obsessed with my Tigzon character. The only games, that I really put on any efforts were Petit's Land and Sploder Smash Bros.

The truth is that I'm 17 years old and I grew up in the Abu Dhabi state of the UAE. In here, most of the people don't care about Sploder that much and some of them thinks that is just a kiddie website for young kids. The only one who cares about it is me and I don't bother showing some game on Sploder to my friends or other people that I don't trust with. Like Head3000 said, Tigzon is less Sonic rip-off than I usually do but that Tigzon ideas were come from my old childhood comic series, called Dak, with a Sonic-like character named Alex. And the worse thing that I got was if I showed Tigzon to everybody, they'll think I copied from Sonic (especially when I showed this to my families). The only ways to make my new series is to draw a new comics for deaviantArt and not making games on Sploder. However, if Geoff send his new graphic (or new creator) updates for Sploder, I would occasionally make new games, based on my new (Non-Tigzon) comic series.

I'm trying to save the Sploder Series universe to you guys, from Head3000 and some group of noobs, but it's too late to explain it. I'm not in a mood on Sploder and even Stuffz wiki, because the reason is..... is Cyber-Bulling, Control-Freaks and Idiotic comments from some noobs. I trying to do my best on my studies and my free time. And Yes I'm not obsessed too much on Internets.

Well, I guess is farewell to you, my beloved Sploder Series Team.

Goodbye from Mangamixer (a.k.a Gamerdeath722) 

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