(MAY 29, 2014) -- As some of you know that I wasn't very active on Sploder (and Stuffz wiki) because I was studying for the school's Final Exam. Before the last day of my school's Final Exam begins, Here's some of my Sploder Updates.

Sploder Smash Bros

Since everybody commented their grants on my new fighting game, Sploder Smash Bros. Here's are some 10 Lists that I chose, were balanced enough.

  • Wetfordo
  • Tvnetworkgirl
  • Goomylord
  • Dealwithitdewott
  • ryandxxx
  • freeallsonic
  • Juniortennis7 (still need to ask him)
  • kenchy
  • artown
  • geodesigner (still need to ask him)

​For those who wanted to join my rosters of Sploder Smash Bros, I apologize for not chosing you, due to technical issues on and be patience for the next Sploder Smash Bros. game, if so.

Like any games from the Super Smash Bros. series, There are three modes, 2-Player Mode, Solo Mode and Story Mode, entitled "A Sploder Smash Story". 

Tigzon (series)

Since I didn't make any new Tigzon games, I was planning to create new ways to revive my Tigzon series, with the start of a manga-style webcomics, that I was planning for. Simply tiltled as Tigzon, The webcomics are loosly based on my Tigzon game series, that I created on my old Gamerdeath722 account. The webcomics will feature a new designs of the Tigzon characters as well as new characters introducing to series.

After the webcomics, I will be creating some new Sploder games releated to the Tigzon webcomics, with the main game, currently in development, after the release of that new graphic editor (for Retro Arcade Creator or some other creators, I don't know?)

Look at this new graphic editor from Sploder (Facebook):

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