• Weegeelover

    Sploder Updates

    November 9, 2013 by Weegeelover

    I am pretty sure you may have thought that I lost all interest in Skyward and Cube Fighters, or Sploder in general. But, I am returning. A new platformer game is in development, but I am not revealing what it is to anyone. SSBX is also back. The full roster will be revealed soon. As well, Cube Fighters is getting a sequel. Instead of just random cubes trying to kill each other, there is actually a main character who needs to defeat a bunch of other cubes in order to save the world from Bob,who is now the main antagonist instead of a joke final boss. Lastly, Skyward is getting a sequel called Skyward Revelations. As the title suggests, it reveals a lot of new things about the series.

    I canceled the special platformer project and replaced it …

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