I am pretty sure you may have thought that I lost all interest in Skyward and Cube Fighters, or Sploder in general. But, I am returning. A new platformer game is in development, but I am not revealing what it is to anyone. SSBX is also back. The full roster will be revealed soon. As well, Cube Fighters is getting a sequel. Instead of just random cubes trying to kill each other, there is actually a main character who needs to defeat a bunch of other cubes in order to save the world from Bob,who is now the main antagonist instead of a joke final boss. Lastly, Skyward is getting a sequel called Skyward Revelations. As the title suggests, it reveals a lot of new things about the series.

I canceled the special platformer project and replaced it with an arcade creator game. I am also currently making the story mode for SSBX. Also regarding SSBX, I am going to create a SSBX wiki.

Skyward's sequel got cancelled. The fate of the series is currently undetermined, but new Matthew and Alex graphics were made so it is most likely staying.

Skyward Revelations is in development again because I don't like the replacement very much.

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