Okay so if you're wondering why does this page exist well I'm going to give you an answer! Well isn't it obvious? I'm going to explain to you WTF is Crossblades!

First thing! SHORT SYNOPSIS!Edit

Crossblades is about 3 kids going on fantastic and awesome adventures!

Second thing! CHARACTERS!Edit

Okay so the characters are...


Oh yes you may remember her from Sploder. While she was on DeviantART she got Flash and decided to make a cartoon inspired off of Eddsworld, Adventure Time, Invader Zim, and every one of her fandoms. In Crossblades she's... Her design and backstory changes alot so I'm going to stick with the first one. She was captured by Malefiscent when she was 6 and became a cyborg meant for evil until she was thrown out due to Malefiscent just thinking she was useless BUT SHE WAS NOT.


Yes I'm in it. In Crossblades I have a sweet pair of goggles and I am able to turn into a Dewott, Gigan, Varan, and some other stuff. My backstory in CB is... SPLOILERS SHHHHHHHH.......... And Stuff.


So he is also from Sploder and he moved to DeviantART. Not much about him is known in Crossblades.


He is a god-like creature who helps  the group around.

Dr. OctgomapusEdit

No not Dr, Octopus or Dr. Octogonapus. Yes he and Dr. Octogonapus are related but he doesn't have all the arms coming out of his back. Instead he's an evil genius who does things RIGHT unlike other evil doctors.

Third thing! SETTINGS!Edit

Well I guess it takes place in a city. Yep. But also parts of it is in Sercopia's Sacred Land.

Meowth is watching you by axiadin-d6x3drg

So for now I guess... MEOWTH IS WATCHING YOU.........

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